Forensic Light Sources

The value that a forensic light source will bring to your department will be measured by the significant increase in the number of suspects apprehended and successfully prosecuted. The forensic light source will increase the efficiency and confidence of evidence collection process by revealing details not visible to the naked eye.

What is a Forensic Light Source?

A forensic light source is a crime scene investigator’s and lab technician’s tool for enhancing observation, photography and collection of evidence including latent fingerprints, body fluids, hair and fibers, bruises, bite marks, wound patterns, shoe and foot imprints, gun shot residues, drug traces, questioned documents, bone fragment detection, etc. It provides more sensitivity than traditional methods thus increasing the amount of evidence uncovered and the quality of the evidence photographed and collected.

A forensic light source is made up of a powerful lamp containing the ultra-violet, visible and infrared components of light. It then filters down the light into individual color bands (wavelengths) that enhance the visualization of evidence by light interaction techniques including fluorescence (evidence glows), absorption (evidence darkens), and oblique lighting (small particle evidence revealed).

Utilizing forensic light source techniques allows the latent print to be detected with much more sensitivity (10-100 times more!) than the conventional method of black powder dusting and lifting.

If you decided to purchase a Forensic Light Source, why should you choose one from SPEX Forensics?

All SPEX Forensics alternate, and forensic light sources have been designed and engineered to be the most functional instruments to use and to provide superior results. All the units offer advantages over other companies’ units within the same class.

More Power: All five units produce more power output than even the nearest competitor within the same class, sometimes more than the class above it.  The difference is visibly apparent, and the advantage is obvious in the ability to visualize fainter evidence with our units. The reason for the greater power is design. Two of the units take advantage of the latest in Liquid Light Guide technology and all five incorporate the highest quality, high power optics.

More Wavelengths: All five units offer more wavelengths than their competitors. The FOCUS PRO offers up to 7 wavelengths. The HandScope LED offers 5 wavelengths. The HandScope LASER is available with 4 wavelengths. The Mini-CrimeScope Advance offers 8 or 15 wavelengths. The CrimeScope CS-16-500W incorporates up to 19 wavelengths for UV, Visible and the IR. The CrimeScope also offers 15 positions for continuous tunability, more than any other light source giving the highest overall intensity throughout the spectrum.

More User Friendly: The SPEX Forensics CrimeScope line of forensic light sources are the only units offering true One Hand Operation of wavelength selection: the Mini-CrimeScope Advance with its patented 15 position thumbwheel at the working end of the light guide, and the CrimeScope CS-16-500W with its automated remote control at the working end of the light guide. And unique on the market are the HandScope LED and LASER, which allow the selection of different wavelengths and power levels in a SINGLE unit. The forensic light sources by SPEX Forensics are the only units on the market which truly allow the user to change wavelength and direct the light source with one hand, freeing the other hand to dust or collect evidence; True One Hand Operation.

Upgradeability: The SPEX Forensics CrimeScope line of forensic light sources offers the ability to upgrade at any time in the future. If a new application was developed for the light sources, filters can be added to all units to cover that new application. This upgradeability is cost effective, as you only need to purchase today what wavelengths you need and can afford. Upgrades allow you to spread the cost of the unit over multiple budgets.

Application Targeted Design: The SPEX Forensics CrimeScope line was not designed overnight. It has evolved since its origin in 1997, from a testbed to a commercial product, to 4 distinct classes of light sources, and then finally to the “State of the Art” forensic instruments you see today. Each step of the way the designers worked with professionals in the forensics field from the federal, state, and local levels to find out what the community needed and wanted. The resulting CrimeScopes are the most versatile, most rugged, and easiest to use of any light sources ever available. Because of their performance, SPEX Forensics has the most loyal users in the field, returning to us for more units when they expand their departments’ capabilities.

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