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Darkfield Scattering

Nanospectroscopy with Darkfield Scattering Technique

Take advantage of darkfield functionality on the microscope to perform nanospectroscopy on the SMS. Enable characterization of nanomaterials by measuring the light scattering spectrum in darkfield mode.

Image showing illumination method in darkfield microscopy

Image of gold nanoparticles on the darkfield microscope vision camera.

Spectra of individual gold nanoparticles. As the particle size increases, the spectrum shifts to the longer wavelengths.

Darkfield Scattering Specifications

Spectrometer and Detectors
Excitation SourcesXenon Lamp (200 nm – 2200 nm)
Tungsten Halogen Lamp ( > 350 nm)
Supercontinuum Laser ( > 400 nm)
Spectral Range (nm)1250 nm – 2200 nm
Recommended Gratings21200 g/mm, 600 g/mm, 15 0 g/mm
Spectral Resolution3 (nm)0.390.180.1
Microscope Objectives4Magnification10X50X100X
 Spot Size (fiber-coupled)< 50 μm< 12 μm< 6 μm
 Spot Size (free space-coupled)< 10 μm< 5 μm< 2 μm
Sample StageXYZ (Manual and motorized options available) – 75 x 50 mm; 100 x 100 mm; 150 x 150 mm; 300 x 300 mm
Vision CameraSoftware controlled vision camera included

1 Extension into mid-IR available on request
2 Other gratings available on request
3 Based on 1200 g/mm grating at 500nm and a 26 μm pixel CCD
4 Other objectives available on request

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