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HORIBA's diverse engineering services and innovative solutions empower customers to optimize energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions across their entire supply chain. 

From the perspective of sustainability, the importance of assessing the environmental impact of products and services throughout their life cycles is increasing. Under these circumstances, energy conservation is being promoted in offices and production sites to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through efficient energy use. On the other hand, at R&D sites, where there are many complex and diverse experimental evaluation tasks, it is difficult to apply conventional energy management methods because energy demand fluctuates widely and is difficult to predict, and because a variety of equipment must be operated in tandem. Our diverse engineering services and innovative solutions empower customers to optimize energy consumption and minimize carbon emissions across their entire supply chain. 

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Challenges in Energy Management for a Dynamic Environment - Research and Development Facilities

Challenges in Energy Management for Research and Development Facilities

Energy management in R&D facilities presents unique challenges compared to traditional factory or office settings. Unlike the steady-state operations found in those environments, the dynamic nature of R&D – with frequent changes in experiments, schedules, and equipment use – creates significant fluctuations in energy demand.  

In order to achieve carbon neutrality, there is a need to improve the management system to optimize the use of all energy, including electricity and heat generated during power generation. Optimizing energy consumption in this dynamic environment requires tailored and flexible approaches.  

Energy Management for R&D Labs - Visualization, Automation and Optimization of Energy Demand

Over the years, HORIBA has cultivated expertise in energy solutions "Generate (optimal control of power generation)" and "Use (efficient operation of energy)". In addition, HORIBA will add the energy system solution "Store (optimal adjustment of energy storage system)" using hydrogen and batteries, which will be developed in the future, to realize total "Optimization (energy management)" of energy as a whole. 

At the core of this energy management technology is integrated lab management system inclucing our proprietary test automation system, STARS Enterprise. This facility adjustment and control solution, designed specifically for R&D centers with large fluctuations in energy demand, achieves significant energy savings based on "visualization and bird's-eye view of facility operation," "pattern recognition of demand fluctuation factors," and "coordinated control of R&D facilities" in response to energy consumption patterns of "unreasonableness, wastefulness, and irregularity. We realize significant energy savings. 

Optimize Energy Usage with Three-Layer System Control 

Challenges in Energy Management for Research and Development Facilities

CAPD Cycle to Find the Cause from the Result 

CAPD Cycle to Find the Cause from the Result 

Test Automation System STARS Automation

Test Automation System STARS Automation

Selected for NEDO-subsidized project - Development of Energy Management Technology for Industries with Large Demand Fluctuations

HORIBA has been selected by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) for its grant program, "Program for Promotion of R&D and Social Implementation of Energy-saving Technologies toward Realization of a Decarbonized Society*1 in FY2023.
The adopted project, "Development of Energy Management Technology for Linked Control of Facilities for Industries with Large Demand Fluctuations," is designed to address "energy conservation at R&D sites," which has been difficult with the application of conventional methods. In this adopted project, we will develop energy management technology based on "visualization of facility operation status, pattern recognition of energy demand fluctuation factors, and coordinated control of R&D facilities," which will be added as an application to our test automation system "STARS Enterprise," aiming for early realization of social implementation.
The introduction of this energy management technology is expected to significantly reduce energy consumption (approximately 45%*2) at customers' R&D sites. 

We, as a manufacturer of testing equipment, will conduct a demonstration test of the adopted project in the "E-LAB," which is located in our flagship plant "HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR" (Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture) and reproduces the research and development site of an automobile manufacturer. After that, we will commercialize the project for the automotive industry and promote its implementation in society. In addition, we will verify the effectiveness of the system through collaboration with our customers, and aim to expand the system to a wider range of industries through collaboration with other companies in the same and different industries. By accelerating the development of this energy management technology for R&D sites where energy demand fluctuates greatly, we will contribute to the early realization of a carbon-neutral society. 

Optimize Control of Energy Demand
Energy Efficiency of Total Lab System

*1 This program supports the development of technologies that are expected to be highly effective in saving energy in 2040, focusing on "key technologies" identified as priority areas in the "Energy Conservation Technology Strategy" (Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, NEDO), and aims to strengthen industrial competitiveness while realizing a decarbonized society in Japan. The program aims to strengthen Japan's industrial competitiveness while realizing a decarbonized society. 

*2 Our estimate based on simulations at HORIBA's E-LAB.  

HORIBA Energy Management System Overview

Environmental Impact Assessment (LCA and GHG Protocol)

Our measurement and analysis technology contributes to reducing GHG emissions throughout the supply chain

Battery Manufacturing/Recycling

HORIBA’s measurement and analysis technologies and engineering supports all the manufacturing and recycle phases of battery, from material processing, performance evaluation, production management, assembly onto EV down to refurbish, reuse or recycling back to particles after harmless treatment

Energy Usage Optimization TOP

Visualization of energy consumption at R&D sites and construction of an energy management system for optimal utilization



With our corporate philosophy of contributing to the development of science and technology and the preservation of the global environment, we are constantly in pursuit of "HONMAMON" technology.

Global Initiatives

HORIBA participates in the optimization of overall energy management and the realization of a safe and secure mobility society through bold global investments and extensive connections with academia and industry

Global Trends and Strageties toward Carbon Neutrality

Introduction of the latest trends through HORIBA's unique activities and perspectives

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