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Capacitance Manometer VG Series

Capacitance Manometer

VG 시리즈 캐패시턴스 압력계입니다. 캐패시턴스 매노미터 VG 시리즈는 소형이며 자체 온도 조절 유형이 있는 올메탈입니다.

Segment: Semiconductor
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.
  • Compact self heating design
  • High performance and high stability resulting from innovative electrode structure
  • Excellent corrosion resistance with Ni alloy diaphragm
  • Set point output (2 points)
  • Alarm output
  • Range adjustment by dedicated software
  • ONE PUSH ReZero
  • Power requirements +/-15VDC or 24VDC
  • CE & RoHS compliant


Technical Article

Development of Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge (1.3MB)

"In the deposition process or an etching process that made to be used for the fabrication of LEDs, semiconductors, FPDs and solar cells, various gases are used and the process pressure gives large effect on product quality, so the excellent corrosion resistance, and without gas dependent, and high accuracy are required to vacuum gauge . To provide solutions to these requests, HORIBA STEC has developed the Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge “VG-200 Series”, and the results of the performance evaluation were superior reproducibility and long term stability. Here, we describe the product features and performance evaluation results of the VG-200."

Model VG-200
Full Scale Range


Sensor Controled Temperature55°C/100°C
Accuracy Including non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability * 0.5%R.S.0.25%R.S.
Zero Temp. Coefficient


Span Temp. Coefficient0.03%R.S./°C0.02%R.S./°C
Operating Temperature10°C to 45°C(55°C),10°C to 50°C(100°C)
Response time<60msec
Warm Up time60min(55°C),120min(100°C)
Proof Pressure350kPa(A)
OutputAnalog 0-10V, load resistance: 10kΩ or more
Supply Voltage±15VDC ±5% or 24VDC±5% @0.6Amax
SetpointContact form: 1a,1b, Number of setpoint: 2 Current charge capacity: 0.1A @30VDC

* Including non-linearity, hysteresis, non-repeatability at 25℃ ambient temperature after 2hours operation.

Type / Specification


 1. Full scale2. Heater set temperature3. Fitting


11T : 1.3332kPa(10Torr)

12T : 13.332kPa(100Torr)

13T : 133.32kPa(1000Torr)

055 : 55°C
100 : 100°C
KF16 : KF16
8CR : 1/2VCR-F
CF34 : ICF34

● Please choose full scale,heater set temperature and fitting. ● Please contact us If you need alarm initial setting.


External Dimension

External Dimension of Capacitance Manometer VG Series

Sterilization Process in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Sterilization Process in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Vacuum Monitoring in Dryer Equipment for Freeze Dry in Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Manufacturing
Vacuum Monitoring in Dryer Equipment for Freeze Dry in Pharmaceuticals and Medicine Manufacturing

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