HORIBA India Technical Center opens in Pune, India


Becoming a demonstration base for emission measurement systems and advanced analytical instruments

HORIBA India Private Limited., a group company of HORIBA, Ltd. will open the Technical Center on November 30, 2016 in Pune in the western part of India. The city is known for hosting various automotive related companies. The HORIBA India Technical Center comprises test facilities equipped with HORIBA’s automotive test systems, and a showroom of scientific instruments of HORIBA Group. Customers can see actual demonstrations of products there. While installing the MEXA-ONE series of emission measurement systems, engine performance measurement systems, particle size distribution analyzers, and other products, we will develop applications and customized products that meet customers’ needs to enhance our sales and marketing in the Indian market.  


India’s automotive industry has been growing with an increase in sales volume every year, partly due to the government’s support to enhance the manufacturing sector as a base of economic growth under its initiative “Make in India.” Evidenced by an Indian automaker’s acquisition of a British automaker and other business development, India is becoming one of the major automotive manufacturers of the world and is anticipated to grow further.

On the other hand, partly due to an increase in traffic, air pollution has become a serious problem and emission gas regulations have been enhanced. Specifically, the Indian government has announced it will raise its emission standards called the Bharat Stage from the BS-IV norms (equivalent to the Euro VI emission standard norms in Europe), which currently exist in 13 cities to the BS-VI norms nationwide by 2020 (skipping the BS-V norms altogether). Indian manufacturers are therefore shifting their growth strategies to focus on environmental and safety aspects.

Against this background, HORIBA India Private Limited was established in 2006 and currently has 281 employees at four operating bases. It has been steadily expanding with an increase in sales of emission measurement systems and other automotive test systems. With the aim of responding to the accelerating development of the automotive industry and expanding the HORIBA brand in India by installing a permanent showroom of advanced material analytical instruments in the scientific field, we have established the HORIBA India Technical Center.


The majority of India's automotive industry is evenly divided into three "clusters": the northern cluster is around Delhi and Gurgaon; the western cluster is near Pune and Mumbai; and the southern cluster is near Bangalore and Chennai. In Pune, major Indian and European automotive manufacturers are located as an export base, as it is near the Port of Mumbai. The area is also a center for many auto parts makers, behind the northern cluster. 

Our new technical center in Pune will be a comprehensive center which has a facility for product demonstration and testing; a workshop for product customization and assembly; an office space; and a training center. Major products to be handled include MEXA-ONE emission measurement systems, DYNAS3 AC machines for use in engine test stands, and LA-960 laser particle size analyzers.  

The HORIBA Group has eight vehicle development and testing facilities in the world, including HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR, which was opened in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture in May 2016. At the HORIBA BIWAKO E-HARBOR facilities, we have access to real-time information of all the bases. By consolidating and accumulating such information, we are now able to make global development efforts. The new technical center in India will be our ninth base and provide engineering services, which promptly and directly reflect the customer needs of our important base in Asia.


HORIBA India Technical Center


D-225,Chakan MIDC Phase-II, Bhamboli Village, Pune-410501, India

Site area

10,000 m2

Building area

3,625 m2

Floor area

7,066 m2

Number of employees

45 employees

Major products to be handled at HORIBA India Technical Center

■ Automotive test systems, and a showroom of
MEXA-ONE emission measurement systems
DYNAS3 AC dynamometers for use in engine test stand

■ Advanced material analysis instruments
LA-960 laser particle size analyzers
SZ-100 nanoparticle analyzers

Opening ceremony
Wednesday, November 30, 2016 at 15:00 (local time in India; November 30, at 18:30 in Japan)Approximately 200 people, including Atsushi Horiba, Chairman, President and CEO of HORIBA, Ltd., are scheduled to attend.

15:00-17:00  Inauguration ceremony
17:00-18:00  Facility visit
18:00-20:00  Inauguration commemoration party

Honorable guests include
Mr. Kenji Hiramatsu, Japanese Ambassador to India
Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Government of Maharashtra