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What is the power of Joy and Fun?

The future we want to realize by 2053

Our story begins with Joy and Fun.

“Joy and Fun,” our corporate motto, embodies what we, HORIBARIANs*, have held close to our hearts for decades.

By embracing the spirit of “Joy and Fun,” we can work with curiosity and passion, allowing us to make the most of our precious time and lead happy, fulfilling lives.

When we share our spirit of “Joy and Fun” beyond ourselves, we can unleash our unique potential, and in turn, realize an environment where all living beings not only live but thrive. We have created our Vision, Mission, and Values to achieve such a world.

We hope you will join us to make this future a reality.

※ In 2053, HORIBA will celebrate its centenary.

※ HORIBARIANs are all those who work at HORIBA. We take ownership and challenge ourselves, all while enjoying the task at hand.

01 Our Story

What has been HORIBA’s
journey to the present?

Our measurement and
analysis technologies have
moved the world forward.

Our history of innovation began in measurement and analysis. These solutions, created with curiosity and passion, have served as a compass to understand our present, and make key decisions for a healthier, more sustainable, and better future.

02 Our Vision

What does the future
look like?

Joy and Fun for All

We are contributing to a world where all living beings live to their fullest and in harmony with one another. By sharing the spirit of “Joy and Fun,” we ourselves will fulfill our potential, and create an environment where all living beings not only live but thrive.

03 Our Mission

What is our unique role
in the world?

Shape our future with solutions based on HONMAMON and Diversity

HORIBA’s strength is its ability to create a culture and solutions based on HONMAMON with the contribution of diverse HORIBARIANs across the world. These strengths will be our foundation as we achieve our vision, “Joy and Fun for All.”

04 Our Values

What guides us

“Spirit of Challenge”
“Reliability and Trust”
“Pursuit of Excellence”

“Spirit of Challenge,” “Reliability and Trust,” and “Pursuit of Excellence” serve as our guiding principles as we continue creating unique solutions.

Creating the future with the
power of our diverse team.

HORIBARIANs worldwide will come together to realize our vision.

Our Future


Our Vision

Joy and Fun for All

The business fields that
will realize Our Future

Energy &

Bio &

Materials &

Our Mission

Shape our future with solutions
based on
HONMAMON and Diversity

Our Values

Our Corporate Motto Joy and Fun

“Joy and Fun”
in Action

Co-creation for the future,
in collaboration with
customers and society.

Will you join us in this adventure?