Battery Electric Vehicle Development and Testing Solutions

Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV)

BEVs receive their power solely from a battery pack without assistance from an ICE, with the possible exception of a range extender. Batteries are a critical subsystem with tremendous demand placed upon them. They must perform over the life of the vehicle, under a range of varied conditions, function seamlessly, and do all of this as inexpensively as possible to maintain overall vehicle cost.

Testing and research is underway to optimize battery performance and ensure successful integration into a wide variety of vehicle architectures. During this period of change, manufacturers and developers must choose the right technologies and guide their investment into achievable and sustainable results. 

By acquiring MIRA in 2015 and FuelCon in 2018, HORIBA incorporated FuelCon’s decades of battery and fuel cell expertise, and MIRA’s 75 years of advanced vehicle technologies and engineering consultancy experience, into HORIBA’s range of capabilities. 

HORIBA now offers first class expertise and a full offering of BEV related products and services. From solutions for layer/material development and components (e.g., battery cells), to the safe integration and optimization of these technologies into a wide range of BEVs, HORIBA is the ideal partner for battery manufacturers and developers. HORIBA’s offering includes test stands for system testing including e-motor, powertrain, and chassis. Battery emulators and end-of-line equipment are also offered. 

A solution is only as good as the automation system that connects it to ensure overall laboratory efficiency. HORIBA’s flexible STARS automation system, including STARS Enterprise lab automation, is built on an open and adaptable platform to ensure a safe, efficient and reliable lab operation. HORIBA's knowledgeable engineers and specialists can also help with system engineering and integration challenges. Particular attention must be given to the software, electronics, and hardware necessary to support BEV technologies which must be safely and efficiently integrated into vehicle architectures. HORIBA’s highly experienced Functional Safety Team helps ensure this process is achieved, and in accordance with ISO 26262.

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