Aerospace, Marine and Rail

HORIBA is here to support the aerospace, marine, and rail sectors in the pursuit of greenhouse gas reduction, overall emissions objectives, and performance optimization. All forms of mobility are changing and optimizing existing forms of propulsion is critical. At the same time, active investigation of emerging technologies, alternative fuels, and electrification requires support. 

There will be no one-size-fits-all solution to help the aerospace, marine, and rail sectors meet the challenges ahead. HORIBA is here to help find and implement complete and unique development solutions using its diverse resources and depth of expertise—just as it has done for the past 75 years across all aspects of mobility. HORIBA will support this industry as it shifts—over time—from a dependence on engines reliant on combustion of oil derivatives, to an increasingly complex mix of hybridization, electrification, and the incorporation of alternative energy vectors. 

HORIBA is here to help with flexible and robust analyzers that provide industry-leading, ultra-low NOX measurement that is compliant with current US and EU regulations. It also offers all the measurement equipment and engineering support necessary to perform traditional and electrified propulsion system development—including battery systems and fuel cell systems, and the expertise to safely integrate these solutions into any type of system architecture.

Efficiency is key in a lab environment. HORIBA software tools help modernize lab automation, create synergy between labs, ensure compliance with new and emerging regulations—and ultimately help users successfully meet product development timelines. 



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