High Performance and Durability Testing

Performance & Durability

Consumer expectations for vehicle performance and durability have dramatically increased over the past decade. As vehicles become more and more complex, so do the associated technologies that keep them operating efficiently and safely. To achieve these goals, manufacturers and developers require extremely flexible test environments and comprehensive solutions to keep their programs on schedule and within budget.

Before a vehicle is ready for market, everything from the component level to the overall driving experience must be thoroughly tested. Test environments must simulate a range of environmental situations, including extreme driving events and loading conditions that are as close as possible to real-world driving. Durability/endurance tests are also necessary to check vehicle behavior under continued strain to ensure consistent performance over a lifetime. 

HORIBA helps manufacturers and developers meet requirements with performance and durability modular test stands for a full range of propulsion systems from the component level (including brake, engine, powertrain) up to complete vehicle. 

Solutions are only as good as the automation that ties them together, and HORIBA’s reliable STARS automation and STARS Enterprise lab management system help ensure safe, reliable, and user-friendly operation. 

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