Agriculture & Off-Highway

HORIBA understands that the current CO2 and emission agenda impacts agriculture & off-highway non-road machinery, just as it does the entire automotive industry. However, this application presents unique challenges—including a complex operational environment and unconstrained vehicle use. Whether developing an excavator that delivers a carbon neutral construction site, or designing the next generation of agriculture machinery that can operate on locally captured bio-methane, HORIBA solutions are designed to help throughout the development, validation and certification process of the vehicle and propulsion system. 

A wide variety of change is underway. Increasing regulatory complexity and the expected adoption of Real World Emissions measurement require extremely capable test and measurement solutions that are able to withstand a challenging operational environment. At the same time, hybridization and electrification are being used to both optimize energy use and minimize consumption. For example, a range of technical approaches to energy recovery and storage are being developed alongside growing interest in electrification, hybridization, and the use of fuel cells—all of which present different challenges in the test and validation environment. There is increasing interest in the application of different gaseous fuel solutions for ICE-based non-road mobile machinery (NRMM).

These include hydrogen, natural gas, and bio-methane. Whether working with cleaner alternatives to conventional diesel fuel or looking to capture and use locally produced sustainable fuel from renewable energy, bio-mass, or waste material—emissions measurement will still be a requirement, and HORIBA is here to help.

HORIBA will support the agriculture & off highway industries as they shift—over time—from a dependence on internal combustion engines to a complex mix of hybridization, energy recovery, and electrification solutions. This includes the use of a range of gas fuels and fuel cell technology. 

HORIBA’s flexible and robust analyzers provide industry-leading ultra-low NOx measurement that is compliant with current US and EU regulations, both in the lab and in the industrial or agricultural environment. All the measurement equipment and engineering support necessary to perform both traditional and electrified powertrain development is available—including battery and fuel cell systems and the expertise for safe integration into any type of vehicle architecture. In addition, HORIBA offers environmental emulation systems that bring the real world into the lab, and hardware-in-the-loop methodologies that enable the rapid development and integration of powertrains into new applications.

Efficiency is key in a lab environment, the software tools provided help modernize lab automation, create synergy between labs, ensure compliance with new and emerging regulations, and ultimately help users successfully meet product development timelines.  



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