On a large number of our roads and in our cities the mass concentration of airborne particles are too high. Particles derive from various sources ranging from the burning of fossil fuels, forest fires to road and vehicle wear. Research has shown that these particles are detrimental to human health, affecting the respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system. This has led to legislation being passed in Europe and North America to regulate the mass concentration of particles present in ambient air. This legislation affects the exhaust emissions of today’s vehicles. It is therefore essential to be able to measure particle mass, elemental composition and number of these particles present in vehicle exhaust emissions.

HORIBA offers a comprehensive set of solutions for the measurement of particle mass and particle number within raw or dilute engine exhaust samples. The units are capable of measuring toal particulate matter (PM) in engine emissions and in addditon can speciate Soot, Soluble Organic Fraction (SOF) and Sulfate mass.

The MDLT-ONE is designed to sample particulate emissions using the partial flow dilution method. A small portion of the total exhaust is diluted with HEPA* filtered air to create a constant flow rate through particulate filters...

The series can complete engine/vehicle certification testing in the latest regulations, Euro 5/6 and Euro VI.