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Acute monocytic/monoblastic leukemia (AML) - HORIBA QSP Newsletter #43

Let's review last month's blood slide cases in the latest QSP Newsletter, with a focus on AML cases in detail. Additionally, take our monthly cell…

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HORIBA Medical Chase the Case #29 - Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia

Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia - Yumizen Hematology Clinical Cases "Chase the Case" #29

Total immaturity of WBCs is of clinical importance to identify the morphologies and classify infections, inflammations, or hematology…

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French Healthcare Association Logo

HORIBA Medical Becomes a Member of the French Healthcare Association

HORIBA Medical is pleased to announce that the company became a member of the French Healthcare Association in January 2024.

The French Healthcare…

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Myelofibrosis - Yumizen Hematology Clinical Cases "Chase the Case" #28

The 28th Chase the Case features a patient from Brazil who was diagnosed with Myelofibrosis. See how our advanced hematology analyzer, Yumizen H2500,…

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HELO 2.0_HORIBA Medical
|   Press Release

HORIBA Medical launches next generation HELO fully automated modular hematology solution

HORIBA Evolutive Laboratory Organisation (HELO) 2.0 embeds advanced hematology technologies to offer flexible, high throughput, high quality…

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Acute Leukemia - HORIBA Medical QSP Newsletter #42

This month's edition showcases a case study on an AML patient and the classification of AML. Also, you can test your knowledge with a special…

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HORIBA Medical Chase the Case #27 - Pyropoikilocytosis

Pyropoikilocytosis - Yumizen Hematology Clinical Cases "Chase the Case" #27

The 27 issue of Chase the Case case diagnosed as Pyropoikilocytosis exhibits significant RBC morphology variability and also emphasizes the utility of…

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Matutes score - HORIBA Medical QSP Newsletter #41

How can we differentiate Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) from other B-Cell Lymphoid Malignancies? The availability of a clinical decision algorithm…

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Leukemia - Yumizen Hematology Clinical Cases "Chase the Case" #26

Understanding a rare hematological malignancy like Plasma Cell Leukemia from simple complete blood count (CBC) analysis by utilizing hematology…

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Anemia - HORIBA Medical QSP Newsletter #40

The 40th issue of the QSP Newsletter features Anemia. You will learn the symptoms, clinical workup process, and causes of Anemia. The case study of…

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