Vehicle Development for the Future

HORIBA Automotive offers solutions in emission testing, electric, hybrid, autonomous vehicle testing by offering products to capture data through its line of automation software and hands on engineer consulting.

HORIBA 汽车事业部为全球客户合作伙伴提供新颖的应用和见解,先进的汽车验证和验证技术和设备以及持续的指导和咨询。凭借杰出的综合科学测量和数据管理能力,HORIBA 汽车事业部以不断扩大的工程专业知识和持续改进为客户提供解决行业挑战的完整解决方案。

HORIBA 汽车事业部以先进的技术水平、建立的完整性、公认的可靠性和持续的合作来提供所有服务。


Applications for Vehicle Development | HORIBA Automotive


Vehicle Development for Many Markets | HORIBA Automotive



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HORIBA at JSAE Automotive Engineering Exposition
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Automotive Engineering Exposition 2024

Gathering the collective wisdom of the automotive industry for carbon neutrality and the recycling-oriented society of the future

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Smart Solutions: Advanced Water Analytics for Efficient Industrial Operations

This webinar will cover innovative approaches to efficient water treatment like TOC analysis as well as general water and wastewater analytics.


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Automotive Testing Expo Europe 2024

Don't miss Steve Whelan, Program director of HORIBA MIRA, speaking about "Intelligent labs – the future of development" on June 5, 10 AM, Hall 8.

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