The Value of Real-time Imaging: Integrating Particle Size Analysis onto Fluid Beds, Twin Screw Granulators and Roller Compactors

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The capability to measure critical quality attributes (CQA) such as particle size in real time reveals their functional relationships with the critical process parameters (CPP). The Eyecon2™ offers a true non-product contact, a real-time imaging system that can be used with dry and wet bulk solid processing equipment affording a digital maturity competitive edge. We will dive into how the imaging technology works, the basic principles of analysis for particle size detection, the methods of integration onto process equipment such as Fluid Beds, Twin Screw Granulators and Roller Compactor and discuss key applications where the value of real-time in-line particle size results archetype how the Eyecon2 enables transparency, agility and productivity that aligns with the Factory of the Future and Pharma 4.0.

Darren McHugh | Product Manager at Innopharma Technology
Chris O'Callaghan | Head of Engineering at Innopharma Technology

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