TERS Characterization of Explosive Nanoparticles

Surface Chemical Information at the Scale of a Single Nanoparticle

It is not yet understood how co-crystal nanoparticles (co-crystallinity combined with nanostructuring) have superior properties to single compound crystals. Only a technique capable of probing single nanoparticles can bring answers.

This application note reports on TERS characterization of crystalline nanoparticles that are prepared by spray flash evaporation of two explosive organic coumpounds: CL-20 and HMX. The TERS surface sensitivity reveals that TER intensities of CL-20 and HMX band markers are inverted in comparison with their intensities in the bulk, which leads to the conclusion that the surface of the CL-20/HMX co-crystals nano-plates is HMX-terminated. This surface structure gives insights for an impact ignition mechanism and explains the close impact sensitivity values of HMX and CL-20/HMX co-crystals.

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