Raman Boot Camp

HORIBA is excited to announce our Spring 2024 Raman Boot Camp, a two-day, in-person, interactive Raman training course! We will have a 3rd day for advanced training. The course will be held at HORIBA's Optical Spectroscopy Center in Piscataway, NJ.

Get dedicated hands-on training in our state-of-the-art Applications Lab with our team of Raman Applications Scientists.

The first two days of the introductory course is designed to help you better understand the principles of Raman measurements, how to apply them to get the best data from your samples and instruments (both from a hardware and software perspective), and then how to process these results to get the answers you seek. The course features a combination of lectures by our experts and actual experimentation in our lab. The small course size guarantees you plenty of actual hands-on and Q & A time with our applications team.

Days 1 and 2

May 21-22

Over the course of two days (Fundamentals of Raman Spectroscopy

  • Fundamentals of Raman Instrumentation
  • Fundamentals of HORIBA Raman Hardware/Software
  • Fundamentals Hands-on Training
  • Raman Hyperspectral Imaging
  • Hands-on: Raman Mapping

Day 3

May 23

Expand your knowledge further by adding a third day or, just sign up for Day 3 (May 23) only, on one select, advanced topic, such as:

  • Particle Correlated Raman Spectroscopy (PCRS) / ParticleFinder
  • Polarized Raman: Hardware and Applications
  • Multivariate analysis: Principles and Applications
  • Ultra-low Frequency Raman


Corporate rate for standard trainingMay 21 – 22 (Two days)$2,500
Student rate for standard trainingMay 21 – 22 (Two days)$1,250
Corporate rate for advanced trainingMay 23 (One day)$1,250
Student rate for advanced trainingMay 23 (One day)$625
Corporate rate for standard + advanced trainingMay 21 - May 23 (Three days)$3,500
Student rate for standard + advanced trainingMay 21 - May 23 (Three days)$1,750

*Ticket price includes all course materials, continental breakfasts, lunches and one group dinner on Tuesday, May 21

Register here: HORIBA Scientific Raman Boot Camp

SEATING IS LIMITED. We want to ensure that our attendees get the most out of the courses and training. So, sign up early! Due to popularity and the limited number of seats, we are limiting registration to only TWO people per organization.

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Event Location

Raman Boot Camp will be held at HORIBA's Optical Spectroscopy Center in Piscataway, NJ

Google Maps

New Brunswick Train Station (5 miles)

Newark Airport (30 miles)

JFK Airport (50 miles)


Embassy Suites by Hilton Piscataway Somerset

121 Centennial Ave, Piscataway, NJ 08854


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