Air Quality Monitoring

Excellent sensitivity and field-proven reliability of HORIBA analyzers for air quality monitoring and pollution source appointment

Air quality monitoring refers to continuous measurement of specific air pollutants also known as “criteria air pollutants”.  Obtained air pollution data together with natural background/trace gas monitoring and stationary source emission monitoring helps to define what kind of air pollution people are exposed to. Air pollution monitoring data is essential for air pollution assessment, countermeasures and environment pollution policies by local and national authorities, private and public companies, and national organizations.

HORIBA offers cutomer oriented tailor-made system solutions with its state-of-the-art analytical technologies and more than 50 years experience in ambient air market. As your true partner in environmental preservation, we deliver air quality monitoring, indoor air quality monitoring , clean room airborne molecular contamination monitoring , quality control and stationary emission monitoring by diluted stack gas monitoring.

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