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HORIBA Scientific bénéficie de plus de 200 ans d'expérience dans le développement d'instruments scientifiques de haute performance et de solutions analytiques.


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Scientific News

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE Joins Team Analyzing Bennu Asteroid Samples…

|   Press Release

HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE Co., Ltd.  (hereinafter “HORIBA TECHNO SERVICE”), a Horiba Group company handling analysis/service businesses, joined the…

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HORIBA Launches Software Compliance Package for Pharma - A-TEEM…

A-TEEM Technology with Multivariate Analysis Speeds up Data Evaluation

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LabRAM Odyssey Picture

HORIBA Debuts New LabRAM Odyssey Raman Microscope

HORIBA Scientific, world leader in Raman microscopy, announces the new LabRAM Odyssey, a fully automated and remotely controllable system.

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LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor Raman microscope for semiconductor analyses

HORIBA debuts new Raman microscope for semiconductor analyses

|   Press Release

LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor for semiconductors R&D process qualification and optimization

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Release of New Micro-XRF Analyzers: XGT-9000 Pro and XGT-9000 Expert…

|   Press Release

The Two New X-ray Analytical Microscopes Boost Efficiency and Performance of Your Analysis

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The Birth of The Raman Effect

Today marks the death of a truly extraordinary scientist and man, known as Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (7 November 1888 - 21 November 1970).

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Dr. Adam Gilmore Named Co-Winner of 2022 Japanese Photochemistry…

Dr. Adam Gilmore, HORIBA Scientific, Piscataway Office, shared the 2022 Japanese Photochemistry Association Technical Award for Fluorescence…

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HORIBA Scientific Announces New ASTM Standard Developed by ASTM’S…

Introducing a new ASTM standard which uses a more rapid, purely-optical, reagent- and extraction-free, method for Detection of Water-Soluble Petroleum…

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Correlative analysis study on 2D heterostructures produced and exported using graphYX software

HORIBA and Digital Surf partner to launch graphYX software range

|   Press Release

For the correlative analysis of Raman, AFM, AFM-Raman, cathodoluminescence and fluorescence data and microscopy images (optical, scanning probe…

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