Siloxane Monitoring for Biogass Power Generation

Contributing to Siloxane Monitoring and Fuel Quality Control in Biogas Power Generation

Siloxanes have a number of excellent properties such as high lubricity, water repellency, and electrical insulation. Taking advantage of this, they are used in personal care products such as shampoos and conditioners, silicone rubber, oil, adhesives, which are used inside electrical and mechanical products and many other items ranging from medical supplies to daily necessities.
Although siloxane has excellent properties, it can cause problems.

Biogas engine power generation, which is expected to be effectively used as one of the measures against global warming, uses the raw biogas produced from digestion of resources such as sewage sludge, livestock manure, and food residues. Especially, biogas which is made from sewage sludge as a resource, often contains siloxane due to shampoos and rinses from domestic wastewater. During combustion in the gas engines, siloxane is sedimented as silica, leading to premature wear and damage of gas engine parts.

HORIBA’s analyzer continuously monitors siloxane with high sensitivity and contributes to prevent the gas engine damage.

Voices of Sewage Treatment Facility Management and Plant Manufacturers

  • Want to continuously monitor siloxane before gas engine to ensure that it is completely removed
  • Want to measure methane and carbon dioxide at the same time as quality control of gas engine fuel


HORIBA’s Solution

Siloxane Analyzer Solves the Problems

  • High Sensitivity and Real-Time Measurement
  • Available on Demand for Cyclic Siloxanes  (D4, D5, etc.)
  • Simultaneous Measurement of Siloxane, Methane and Carbon Dioxide is Available

Features of Siloxane Analyzer

  • Continuous Measurement of Siloxane with High Sensitivity

 Provides  stable real-time measurement with high sensitivity (0-50 ppm).

  • On Demand Customized to the Requested Cyclic Siloxane Type

There are various types of low-molecular cyclic siloxanes such as D4, D5, etc.
We provide analyzers customized according to the siloxane type you want to measure.

  • In Addition to Siloxane, Methane and Carbon Dioxide Can be Measured (Optional)

Simultaneous measurement of up to 3 components is available. Measurement range for methane is 0-100 vol%, for carbon dioxide - 0-50 vol%.


Application Example

Continuous Siloxane Monitoring at Biogas Powerplants of Sewage Treatment Facilities

There is siloxane removal equipment installed at biogas powerplants of sewage treatment facilities to prevent damage to gas engines, which can occur when siloxane adheres to the inside of gas engines. The Siloxane Analyzer constantly monitors whether the siloxane has been properly removed at such kind of siloxane removal equipment and contributes to prevention of gas engine damage.

The Siloxane Analyzer also enables simultaneous measurement of methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) to control the fuel quality of gas engines.

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