Integrated Management System

HORIBA Group is contributing to the realization of a comfortable and happy society by upgrading its Integrated Management System for Quality, Environmental, Health, Safety, and Medical Use (Integrated Management System) and providing products that contribute to the environment, health, safety, and energy.

  1. Through our first class quality products and services, we will answer to our customer's needs in countries all around the world.
  2. We use our technology to develop science and conserve health, energy, and environment. At the same time, we comply with laws, regulations, and social norms, to promote harmony with stakeholders and contribute actively to society.
  3. We value employees’ mental and physical health and promote cheerful workplaces.
  4. For steady growth and business continuity to the utmost content, we carry out risk management to provide health, safety and sense of security to the community through our products and services. 
  5. We formulate plans based on the HORIBA Group management policy to increase the enterprise value of our group and we will continuously work to improve them.

I would like to explain about our efforts to expand this IMS to all group companies and to strengthen our foundation as a global enterprise. For more detailed information, please also refer to Gaiareport of our CSR Report.

In March 2011, the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) conducted a periodic IMS audit to confirm that the JQA Integrated Management System is being operated in accordance with the JQA Operating Standards.
HORIBA's Integrated Management System

●Green procurement
HORIBA Group is making concerted efforts to implement green procurement activities. We ask for your cooperation after understanding the purpose and contents of the activities.
To our suppliers who deliver parts and materials to HORIBA





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Integrated Management System

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