Ship Scrubbers

With the start of regulation* of sulphur oxides (Sox) and particulate matter (PM) under Regulation 14 of Annex VI of MARPOL Convention in 2020, exhaust gas purification equipment is required when C heavy oil is used as fuel oil for ships. The quality of the water discharged from this system to the outside of the ship is also mandatory to be measured. HORIBA contributes to environmental regulations and to protecting the global environment through its lineup of water quality measurements and a wide range of meters. * Since air pollutants (Sox, PM, etc.) cause health hazards such as respiratory diseases, regulations on land emission sources and mobile emission sources are implemented independently in each country. Emissions from vessels are regulated by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in the International Convention on the Prevention of Pollution from the Sea (MALPOL) worldwide, whether on ocean or on coastal voyages.

Pole/Wall Mount Type (On-site Installation) ≪H-1 Series≫

more HP-200

Field-installation Type pH Meter (Four-Wire Transmission)

more HP-300

Field-installation Type pH Meter (Two-Wire Transmission)

more HO-200

Field-installation Type ORP Meter (Four-Wire Transmission)

more HO-300

Field-installation Type ORP Meter (Two-Wire Transmission)

more HE-200H

Field-installation Type Electric Conductivity Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, For High-concentration)

Panel Mount Type ≪48/96 Series≫

more HP-480

Panel-mount Type pH Meter (Four-Wire Transmission)

more HP-480PL

Panel-mount Type pH Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, Pulse Proportional Control)

more HP-480TP

Panel-mount Type pH Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, Industrial Time sharing Proportional Control)

more HP-960FTP

Panel-mount Type pH Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, 4 point ararm, Time sharing Proportional Control)

more HE-480H

Panel-mount Type Conductivity Meter (Four-Wire Transmission, For Low-concentration)

Oil Content Analyzer《OCMA Series》

more OCMA-500

Oil Content Analyzer

more OCMA-550

Oil Content Analyzer

Benchtop / Handheld / Pocket Water Quality Meters《LAQUA》

LAQUA Benchtop Water Quality Meters

Water quality analysis is repeatedly performed in laboratories on a daily basis. Our high-end benchtop meters were developed to provide simplicity with excellent on-site usability - from operation and maintenance through to troubleshooting.

LAQUA Handheld Water Quality Meters

In the field, in the lab or anywhere you need it. Designed for use with one hand and with an IP67 waterproof rating and shock-resistant casing, this meter can be used for long periods, even in dark places, making it ideal for field measurements in rivers and lakes.

LAQUAtwin Pocket Water Quality Meters

Your lab-in-a-pocket. HORIBA's unique pocket meter integrates the electrode, display and sample container to enable simple, effective on-site testing by direct measurement from a single drop.

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