Semiconductor Manufacturing Process

Since providing chemical concentration monitors to the marketplace in 1995, HORIBA has developed a wide range of analyzers for wet processes using its proprietary technologies. In the area of chemical concentration monitors, we have always taken the lead in the times by establishing the world's top market share. HORIBA's lineup of high-precision and high-stability meters that follow the evolution of semiconductor devices is capable of responding to customer demands as a total solution supplier in liquid measurement, from state-of-the-art to legacy processes.

Non-Contact Chemical Concentration Monitor

Optical Fiber Type Hot Phosphoric Acid Concentration Monitor

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Concentration Monitor

High Precision, High Stability Chemical Concentration Monitor

Fiber Optic Type Chemical Solution Concentration Monitor

Stand-alone Type Chemical Concentration Monitor

Low Concentration Monitor- Sulfuric Acid/Hydrogen Peroxide

Micro Volume pH Monitor

Semiconductor Panel Mount 48/96 Series

  • Model
  • Measurement Range
  • HE-480C-GC0−9999 μS/cm (before temperature compensation)
  • HE-960LC0−10,000 μS/cm (before temperature compensation)
  • HE-960LF / FS-09F-1/20−10,000 μS/cm (before temperature compensation)
    Ideal for high-viscosity sample liquids (such as CMP slurry)
  • HE-960HC0−1000 mS/cm (before temperature compensation)

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