Field-installation Type Ammonia Nitrogen Meter(Four-Wire Transmission)

HC-200NH is an ammonia nitrogen(NH4-N) meter using ion electrode method which is designed for aeration control in wastewater treatment.

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Division: Process Water
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.


Sensor deterioration diagnostic during measurement *2
Optical DO sensor connectable (optional)
■ Sample adjustment function
■ Automatic potassium ion concentration compensation

Self diagnostic function
Sensor deterioration diagnostic during measurement

Deterioration diagnostic function during continuous measurement. This function reduces the risk of sudden loss of measurement and provides more reliable measurement.

Dual channel transmitter
Optical DO sensor connectable (optional)


Easy maintenance

Replaceable chip without the need for tools
Combination with new-type ultrasonic cleaner improves antifouling property (optional)
■ Flat sensor surface (prevents bubble and stain accumulation) *2
■ No measurement reagent necessary

Replaceable chip without the need for tools
Replaceable chip without the need for tools
Unique Ultrasonic Cleaner (UH-16A series)
Burst oscillation method  Burst oscillation method

Enables continuous cleaning without damaging sensor, and long term adhesion prevention of stain.


The ion sensor enables long term stable measurement
New ion chip internal solution enables stable measurement (Japan patent No. 5144829)
■ New structure of reference chip achieves stability measurement *1

Long term stable measurement

Data from joint research with Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Evaluation Term: 6 months, Application: Aeration tank in Tokyo, Optional: Ultrasonic cleaner
Maintenance: Once a month (Wash sensor with water and sample adjustment),
Result: Stable measurement for 6 months without sensor replacement

*1: patent applied
*2: patent applied with Bureau of Sewerage Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Instruction transmitter specifications


Ammonia nitrogen meter specifications

Combination sensor unit modelAM-2000
Sensor model7691*: Ammonium ion chip, 7692*: Potassium ion chip for compensation, 7211: Reference chip
Measurement rangeNH4-N: 0~1000mg/L (display range: 0~2000mg/L)
Temperature: 0~40°C (display range: -10~110°C)
Display resolutionNH4-N: 0.01mg/L: 0.00~10.00mg/L 0.1mg/L: 0.0~100.0mg/L
       1mg/L: 0~1000mg/L
Temperature: 0.1°C
RepeatabilityNH4-N: Larger value between 3%±1 digit of measured value or 0.2mg/L±1 digit  (with standard solution)
Temperature: ±0.3°C
Potassium ion compensationCompensation range: Potassium ion concentration is not more than 10 times
          the ammonium ion concentration and under 1000mg/L
Compensation error: ±20% (measured value)
Additional functionAdjustment with manual analysis (1 point), calibration curve input function (primary expression)
Self-diagnostic functionCorrection error, sensor diagnostic error, transmitter malfunction


Optical dissolved oxygen meter (optional)

Combination sensor unit modelDO-2000
Sensor model5700A: Sensor cap
Measurement rangeDissolved oxygen concentration: 0~20mg/L  Display resolution 0.01mg/L
Saturation degree: 0~200%  Display resolution 0.1%
Temperature: 0~50°C  Display resolution 0.1°C
Self-diagnosticCorrection error, sensor diagnostic error, transmitter malfunction

Transmitter common specifications

Transmission output3 points  DC4~20mA  input-output insulation type  Maximum load resistance 900Ω
Select 3 items from below
Output range 1: Ammonia nitrogen concentration: Configurable within measurement range.
Output range 2: Dissolved oxygen concentration: Configurable within measurement range.
Output range 3: Temperature reading of the ammonia nitrogen meter: Configurable within measurement range of -10~110°C.
Output range 4: Temperature reading of the dissolved oxygen meter: Configurable within measurement range of -10〜110°C.
Operation temperature range-20~55°C (Do not freeze)
PowerAC100~240V  50/60Hz  Consumption power 28VA (max)
StructureOutdoor installation type: Protection level IP65  Installation method: 50A pole or attached to wall
Case: aluminum alloy  Attachment bracket: Hood: SUS304
WeightUnit: Approx. 3.5kg  Hood, attachment bracket: Approx. 1kg
Compliance standardCE Marking, FCC Rules

Detector specifications (Ammonia nitrogen meter)

Sensor unit modelAM-2000
Sample condition0~40°C, pH4.0~8.5
[Na+]: 0~1000 times of [NH4-N]
Measurement depth10m
Wetted materialSUS316, FKM, PVC
WeightApprox. 2.7kg (including 10m cable)

Detector specifications (Optical dissolved oxygen meter)

Sensor unit modelDO-2000
Measurement sample temperature0~50°C
Measurement depth10m
Wetted materialSUS316, NBR, PVC
WeightApprox. 3.0kg (including 10m cable)

*Sensor7691 and 7692 : Store in low temperature (1~30℃)



Instruction transmitter HD-200FL


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