System Engineering


Analyzer System Integration and Turnkey Analyzer Integration Solutions
HORIBA P&E division provides engineering, design, and system integration services for continuous process analyzer systems. HORIBA's engineering team can evaluate your current process or environmental conditions to make recommendations that improve process conditions and compliance with EPA regulations.

We offer the following Turnkey System Integration Services:

・Feed Support
・Design Services
・Factory Acceptance Tests
・Site Acceptance Tests
・On-Site Training
・Maintenance Contracts
・Trouble Shooting

・Sample Panels
・Environmental Packaging
・Process Analyzer Systems
・Hazardous Location Packaging

・Environmental Reporting
・Environmental Systems

Technical and Field Services

HORIBA P&E Division provides the right contract personnel in instrumentation, electrical, and analyzer support services. Specializing in project maintenance, inspection, and turnaround support.

・Project Management Teams

IN House

・Instrument/Electrical/Analyzer Engineer

IN House

・Instrument/Electrical/Analyzer Designers

IN House

・Instrument Fitters

field crew only


field crew only

・Electrical Helpers

field crew only

Support Services
・Start-Up & Commissioning
・Documentation Upgrades
・Maintenance Services
・Feed Studies
・Start-Up & Commissioning

Environmental Services: Detailed, Reliable, Safe

HORIBA P&E services utilizing fully equipped mobile laboratories to perform EPA regulatory compliance testing and certifications.  To maintain the highest accuracy and reliability a detailed QA/QC and preventive maintenance program is used on all testing equipment.

・CEMS and PEMS Certification
・Relative Accuracy Test Audit (RATA)
・CEMS Certification
・Quarterly Cylinder Gas Audit (CGA)
・Stack Compliance Testing
・Preventative Maintenance (PM) Services
・On-site Data Collection
・Continuous Compliance Data collection utilizing temporary CEMS
・CEMS QA Plan and SOP Documentation Services
・Consulting, Evaluation, and Technical Support Services

All equipment and procedures are in accordance with US EPA Reference Methods. HORIBA is committed to performing these test programs for in-house or permit specifications.

HORIBA ‘s Global Network

HORIBA’s System Engineering section is highly acclaimed for sampling design according to the sample’s chemical composition or physical characteristics as well as a variety of system presentation which meets the conditions at the establishment sites. Through HORIBA’s global network we can even handle technical standard that is required in each country such as Turn-Key Project.

Introduction of New Facility              =Houston Office=


HORIBA Instruments Incorporated, a subsidiary of HORIBA Ltd, has started operations at its new Houston Office on April 1st, 2017. The new office houses design, production, sales as well as service departments and therefore takes over as the hub of HORIBA’s P&E Business in the USA. As the heartland of America’s petrochemical industry, Houston is the perfect location for HORIBA to respond to the increasing demands of customers, especially in the shale gas and oil industry, by increasing production capacity as well as improving efficiency.


  • Name : HORIBA Instruments Incorporated Houston Office
  • Location : 5390 Bay Oaks Drive, Pasadena, TX 77505
  • Operation : April 1st, 2017
  • Facilities : Factory / Training Room / Office


  • Capability : 22 shelters (10x20x9ft)
  • Crane equipped : 20 ton
  • Manufacturing area : 32,000 sqft
  • Testing Area : 4,000 sqft (Outdoor Covered)
  • Offices : 12,000 sqft