Elemental Analyzers for Carbon, Sulfur, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen

HORIBA Scientific provides inorganic elemental analyzers for a wide range of applications based on the inert gas fusion technique and high frequency heating combustion in oxygen stream.

The EMIA Series for Carbon and Sulfur analysis and EMGA Series for oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen analysis strongly rely on HORIBA’s experience as a pioneer in Non-Dispersive Infrared (NDIR) technology. Both EMIA and EMGA designs meet all requirements for the metallurgical industry. These instruments also help scientists working in other application fields such as semiconductor, battery materials, ceramics and more.

HORIBA Scientific instruments offer unique features with advanced automation, high throughput, and reduced maintenance. It also provides ease-of-use that ensures high performance for the determination of carbon, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen for a large variety of applications. As a leading supplier for elemental analyzers, HORIBA Scientific strives to answer customers’ needs. Customization and development of special accessories is always possible to make EMIA and EMGA the perfect solutions.

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Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

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Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

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Carbon/Sulfur Analyzer

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Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzers

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On-demand Webinar: Elemental Analysis in Metals and Ceramics

Carbon, Sulfur, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen have a huge impact on the quality and properties of materials. They affect hardness, weldability, ductility, strength, and corrosion resistance to name a few. For steel, alloys, pure metals and ceramics, controlling the amount of these elements from incoming materials to final product is of utmost importance to guarantee their appropriate fit for final use. With decades of experience in design and manufacturing of elemental analyzers, HORIBA Scientific provides a full range of instruments with unique features and automation.

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Advantages of HORIBA Automation System Line-up

Several type of automation system can be selected depending on customer’ s needs

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Application Tips: Quantitative analysis of carbon contained in bone substitute material

Various substitutes for bone materials have been researched and developed in orthopedic, clinic and surgical use today. In recent years, research has been actively conducted on bone prosthetic materials having a composition similar to living bone, and the need for a method of measuring carbon content in the materials is increasing.

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Application Tips: Quantitative analysis of carbon and sulfur in tires

There are vulcanization processes that include crosslinking reactions by adding sulfur into raw materials (raw rubber, etc.) to increase elasticity. In this process, a carbon/sulfur analyzer is used to accurately control the amount of sulfur added. In addition, steel cords are used as reinforcement for tires. In research and development or quality control of steel cords, carbon concentrations need to be measured to control the mechanical strength.

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Application corner

Typical applications include of course metallurgy (ferrous and non ferrous materials), but such instruments are also used to control catalysts, solders, rare earths, Li ion batteries, electrical components, semiconductors, glasses etc.


The C/S and O/N/H instruments combine electric furnaces and detection systems. Two techniques are used for detection (IR absorption and TCD) depending on the element and the sensitivity required.

Resource Corner

Experience our vast collection of resources for Elemental Analyzers for Carbon, Sulfur, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Our materials include case studies, videos, webinars, profiles, and eBooks to give you a better understanding of the latest technology and its applications in real-world situations.


HORIBA Scientific offers training sessions for its Elemental Analyzers. Our application scientists are expert in the technique and provide both theoretical and hands-on training.

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