With 14 selectable ranges - from 0-10 ppmC to 0-200,000 ppmC - MEXA-1170HFID can measure direct, CVS/tunnel-diluted, and evaporative-emission samples.

A ten-key control pad and a color LCD make it easy to monitor the test data. Data transfer to a remote computer is possible via RS-232 or an optional analog output.


Includes everything necessary to analyze the following samples:

  • Direct (raw exhaust)
  • CVS/tunnel
  • Evaporative emission (from SHED)

Supports testing of the following engine types (items with an asterisk require optional heated filter):

  • Gasoline
  • Diesel*
  • Methanol
  • LPG
  • CNG
  • Two-cycle*
  • Four-cycle
  • Small utility engines* (e.g., lawn mowers)


  • Slim, compact case houses HFID detector, sampler, and control unit.
  • Stand-alone operation for a variety of applications.
  • Exceptionally wide range of concentrations.
  • Easy transport and operation.
  • HFID based on MEXA-7000 series - world standard instrumentation for emission analysis.
  • Digital input/output via RS-232 connection.


  • Heated filter with sample probe
  • HF-04: for diesel engines and direct-injection gasoline engines
  • HF-05: for two-cycle engines and general purpose engines
  • Heated line for sample-inlet connection, 2/3/4/6 meter, 113/191°C
  • Temperature controller for heated filter and line
  • Analog output: 0-1/0-10 V
  • Leak check function
  • Cart

Manufactured by HORIBA



Flame ionization detection (heated)


0-10 ppmC to 0-200,000 ppmC (Max. 14 ranges)

Response time(T90)

Within 1.5 sec (by switching zero line and span line for calibration)


Within ±1.0 % of FS


Within ±1.0 % of FS


Within ±2.0 % of FS per 8 hours (ambient temperature 20±5°C )


Within ±1.0 % of FS

Sensitivity to individual HC

CH4: 1.0-1.15
C2H2, C3H6, n-C6H14, C7H8: 0.9-1.1 CH3OH: 0.7-0.8 (at 113°C) *
Normalized by sensitivity for C3 H8, concentrations are 350 ± 75 ppmC for each HC
*Value of CH3OH sensitivity is only a reference.

Sample gas pressure

Between 0 to 30 kPa

Sample line temperature

113 ± 8°C or 191 ± 10°C (to be specified when ordering)

Sample gas flow rate

Approx. 2 L/min

Warm-up time

Within 2 hours after ignition at detector

Ambient Conditions

5°C to 40°C, less than 80% R.H.

Dimensions and Weight

W x D x H
464 x 652 x 185 mm
Approx. 25 kg


100, 115, 120, or 230 V AC (±10%); 50/60Hz; single phase; approx. 3 kVA


Digital: RS-232C Analog:10 Vde (optional)

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