High-Sensitivity Small-Size X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers

By: Jun Kawai*

23 September 2008

*Kyoto University

Using a small X-ray tube, X-ray fluorescence analysis can achieve a high seneitivity through such means as appropriate geometrical arrangement, pretreatment and total reflection. This article outlines relevant X-ray element technologies, with a focus on high-sensitivity small-size X-ray fluorescence analysis that is being developed by a researchers' team including the author. This method permits an analysis accuracy of 0.1 ppm Cr using a pyroelectric crystal X-ray source. And it has achieved a minimum determination limit of 3 × 1013 (in terms of the absolute number of atoms) through the use of a 1.5 W air-cooled miniature X-ray tube for total reflection X-ray fluorescence.

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