Real Time Solid Particle Counting System MEXA-1000SPCS

By: Takeshi Kusaka, Ichiro Asano, Montajir Rahman

8 February 2010

The MEXA-1000SPCS measures number concentration of solid particles in engine exhaust gas within a specified particle size range in real-time. The system conforms to the UN/ECE particle concentration measurement standard (Regulation No.83, Rev.3, Amend.2), and consists of a pre-classifier, a volatile particle remover [primary diluter (PND1), a secondary diluter (PND2) and an evaporation tube] and a detector [condensation particle counter (CPC)]. The MEXA-1000SPCS uses two wide range continuous diluters that ensure conditioning of exhaust gas to produce stable solid soot particles by removing the volatile fraction from exhaust. The system takes sample from dilution tunnel however, it is possible to collect sample from engine exhaust manifold with an additional pre-dilution unit.

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