The LA-960 Laser Diffraction/Scattering Particle Size Distribution Analyzer

By: Makoto UMEZAWA, Hirosuke SUGASAWA

24 November 2013

The LA-960 particle size distribution measurement instrument with laser, diffraction/scattering is a next-generation model that was developed as the highest-end model of its type. The LA-960 is based on the LA-950V2 hardware design, which has a high level of design maturity and has been popular in the past, and has significantly improved analysis capabilities compared to that model. The following 5 points are features of the LA-960.

1. Improved minimum particle size measurement accuracy and reproducibility 

2. Increased maximum measurable particle size 

3. Introduction of the latest calculation algorithms 

4. New software GUI 

5. Data compatibility with the old model 

We would like to discuss the features of the instrument in detail. We will also provide actual measurement examples to show instrument performance.



Download PDF (3.3 MB)