Third Stage of the LAQUA Series!! LAQUA Series: Portable Water Quality Analysis Meters


10 June 2014

As the new third stage of the LAQUA Series, the HORIBA Group has developed durable LAQUAact portable water quality analysis meters. Conventional pH meters have low alcohol resistance, and could not be used in places such as food factories, where they would need to be disinfected. There was also the problem that the pH electrodes had a short life time in hydrofluoric acid and alkali samples that dissolve pH responsive glass membrane. To solve these issues, HORIBA developed a pH meter that uses a polycarbonate chassis material with high resistance to alcohol and new pH responsive glass membrane with a strong frame structure containing rare earth elements. As a result, we were able to achieve a portable pH meter with higher durability against physical impact and improved chemical resistance compared to conventional models, and long-life time of pH electrodes for hydrofluoric acid and alkali solutions. This paper introduces these new products and the features and applications of pH electrode for low conductivity samples.

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