Total Organic Carbon Monitor for the Pure Water HT-200


21 February 2017

Figure 1 Total Organic Carbon Monitor for the Pure Water HT-200

We have developed a TOC continuous monitoring instrument for the water which is used in medical artificial dialysis. Total Organic Carbon is one of the quality indexes of the water purity. Artificial dialysis is the treatment of the blood purification instead of the kidney of the patients suffering from renal insufficiency. In recent years the number of patients who need artificial dialysis increases year by year. The dialysis care is a very important medical treatment to maintain life. The water for the artificial dialysis is used for not only dissolution of powder or dilution of stock solution for dialysis but also cleaning or sterilization of pipes and apparatuses. The water should be safe and free from chemical or biological contamination. In this paper the dialysis water process is introduced first and the measuring principle of TOC which is an index of water purity control and major characteristics of the TOC monitor are followed. (Figure 1)

Note: Full paper of the same content in Japanese is in Readout No.46-Japanese edition.