OpenPlex Student Platform

The OpenPlex Student Platform is a new turnkey SPRi student kit designed to give teachers the opportunity to introduce the Surface Plasmon Resonance imaging technology to students and perform biomolecular interaction analysis.

The OpenPlex Student Platform is a simply tool that will power student’s practical works and research projects. Students will be able to track and image biomolecular interactions for a large variety of applications such as: Protein-protein analysis, cell detection, surface chemistry discovery and nanotechnology investigation.

What is SPRi?
SPRi is an optical technique for real-time biomolecular interaction studies.

OpenPlex Student Platform Key Features

  • Fast and easy to set up
  • Ready-to-use consumables kit
  • Easy to train your students on SPRi
SPRi Device
  • The OpenPlex is a user-friendly robust and compact system. It is the ideal device to acquaint oneself with the SPRi technique.
  • The external manual fluidic kit is composed of a pumping system, a 6-port valve with a standard 200 μL loop and a degassing system.
kinetic kit

Different reagents are available to carry out an experiment quickly with minimal preparation.
The kinetic kit contains:

  • Buffer solution
  • Blocking solution
  • Regeneration solution
  • 3 ready-to-use functionalized biochips, spotted
  • Different ligands (positives and negative)
  • Different analytes
SPRi user guide

Our SPRi user guide make the SPRi experiment easy. Teaching aids and training courses, both theoretical and practical, are available. We provide you

  • A complete user guide
  • A FAQ
  • Different interaction cases study
  • MCQ test