HyEVO - Hydrogen Gas Analyzer


High-accuracy, high-resolution hydrogen gas analyzer designed to support the development of the hydrogen supply chain.

Essential for the development of technologies necessary to produce, transport and use hydrogen and hydrogen related materials such as ammonia.

HyEVO can be used for many applications in combination with other measurement devices.

事业部: 汽车
产品分类: 排放测量系统
制造商: HORIBA, Ltd.
  • Direct measurement of gases with moisture concentrations up to 35% without removing moisture*1
  • High-accuracy, high-resolution hydrogen concentration measurement
  • Can respond to transient changes in gas concentration
  • Response time ≦ 1 sec, Output frequency 5Hz
  • Warm-up time of 3 hours (approx. 1/3 compared to conventional models) *2
  • Power saving function during standby operation


*1: Use a dehumidification cooler (optional) when measuring with dehumidification or when measuring gases with a moisture concentration of more than 35%.
*2: Comparison with our conventional product (MSHA-1000)


FieldApplication example
Environment / Energy
  • Hydrogen combustion in hydrogen gas turbines, hydrogen boilers
  • Hydrogen production through water electrolysis
  • Development of fuel cells as power generation devices
  • Production of synthetic fuels made from hydrogen and carbon dioxide
MobilityHydrogen measurement for fuel cells, hydrogen engines, gasoline engines
MedicalMeasurement of hydrogen in exhaled air for health monitoring


Application example

Measurement solution for hydrogen combustion (100% or mixed)

  • Confirmation of the behavior of unburned hydrogen emitted and the evaluation of combustion efficiency
  • Measurement of regulated gas components such as NOx and Particle matter sampler

Measurement solutions in fuel cell

  • Evaluation of fuel cell performance by measuring unreacted hydrogen permeating (cross-leaking) through the electrolyte membrane
  • Evaluating the degradation of fuel cells by measuring water quality in exhausted condensate and CO2 in exhaust gas


Measuring principlesMass spectrometry
Measuring componentHydrogen
Measuring range0-5%
Sampling conditionDirect
Response timet10-90< 1s
RepeatabilityZero : ≦0.2%F.S.
Span : ≦0.4%F.S.
AccuracyWithin ±0.3% F.S.
Sample gas flow rate3.5 L/min
Sample line temperature113 °C±6 °C
Environment temperature5-35 °C
Warm-up time3h
Dimensions570(W) × 850(D) × 1,000(H) mm



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