Laser Spectroscopic Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer

The MEXA-ONE-XL-NX is an analyzer for the direct, simultaneous real-time measurement of the four relevant nitrogen-containing exhaust gas components NO, NO2, N2O and NH3.

HORIBA's innovative infrared gas analysis technology, IRLAM™ (Infrared Laser Absorption Modulation), enables low-noise, high-precision measurement of four nitrogen compound gases (NO, NO2, N2O, NH3) in the low concentration range.

事业部: 汽车
产品分类: 排放测量系统
制造商: HORIBA, Ltd.

Low interference, low noise, high sensitivity and wide range

  • High-precision, wide-range measurement of nitrogen oxides
  • For the development of engine and aftertreatment systems and the reduction of NH3 emissions
  • High accuracy measurement with HORIBA's innovative infrared gas measurement method "IRLAM™"

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*IRLAM is a registered trademark or trademark of HORIBA, Ltd.


Research and development of catalysts for low-temperature/high-load operation to improve performance.

Other Applications

  • R&D on internal combustion of next-generation fuels (CNG, e-fuel, biofuels, NH3 co-combustion, etc.)
  • R&D of the next emission regulations EURO7/VII, China 7, etc. (N2O, NH3)

Integrated Operating Platform

The MEXA-ONE-XL-NX and other HORIBA ONE series systems employ a common user interface with future expandability. Control, monitoring and management of each emission measurement device can be integrated into a single controller.

MEXA-ONE-XL-NX Specification

Measurement target Exhaust gas from internal combustion engine and gas turbine (Direct/Conti-dilute)
Emissions Standard US EPA GHG*1, GTR No.15 (NO2, N2O, NH3)
Measurement range NO (Low) 0-200 ppm (High) 0-6000 ppm
NO2 (Low) 0-100 ppm (High) 0-3000 ppm
N2O (Low) 0-200 ppm (High) 0-6000 ppm
NH3 (Low) 0-100 ppm (High) 0-3000 ppm
Measurement Principle Quantum Cascade Laser Infrared Spectroscopy; QCL-IR
Sample gas line temperature 113 °C± 6 °C
Sample gas flow rate 8.0 L/min ± 1.0 L/min
Operating environment Ambient temperature: 5~40°C
Ambient humidity: 80% or less as relative humidity
Power requirements When stable: Max. 750 VA (analyzer unit only)
Dimensions 440(W)×720(D)×880(H) mm (Except for outshoots)
Mass Approx. 110 kg

*1 Measurement method in accordance with CFR 1065 (N2O). Please contact us for details.



Zero noise(2σ) NO (Low range) 0.4 ppm or less
   (High range) 12 ppm or less
NO2 (Low range) 0.2 ppm or less
   (High range) 6 ppm or less
N2O (Low range) 0.4 ppm or less
   (High range) 12 ppm or less
NH3 (Low range) 0.2 ppm or less
   (High range) 6 ppm or less
Rise time
(calibration gas line t10-90)
2.5 s or less N2 NO 200 ppm at the time of switching
2.5 s or less N2 NO2 100 ppm at the time of switching
2.5 s or less N2 N2O 200 ppm at the time of switching
3.5 s or less N2 NH3 100 ppm at the time of switching




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