Maintenance Videos

The purpose of this video is to serve as a supplementary explanation to the instruction manual. Please read the instruction manual thoroughly before working.

pH Transmitter

HP-200 Calibration Procedure

C-5A Relay Cable Termination Method for Industrial pH Transmitter

CH-101 Series Immersion Holder Electrode Replacement

pH standard solution preparation using standard solution powder

Industrial pH Electrode Cleaning Method

Ammonia Nitrogen

HC-200NH Ammonia Nitrogen Standard Solution Calibration Procedure

HC-200NH Ammonia Nitrogen Sensor Assembling Procedure

Residual Chlorine Monitor

HR-200RT Cathode Electrode Cleaning

HR-200RT Beads Cleaning

HR-200RT Beads and Mesh Filter Exchange


OPSA-150 UV/VIS Calibration

OPSA-150 Analyzer Unit Maintenance