HORIBA MEDAS is a altitude simulator that meets all of today’s market demands. It is extremely dynamic, highly accurate, and offers simulation options for Road-to-Rig and test cell level verification for RDE-related topics and global day to day correlation over different R&D locations. MEDAS can be utilized for engine intake and exhaust pressure, as well as temperature conditioning for engine and powertrain cells. It is also useful for chassis dynamometer applications covering steady state and dynamic engine operation conditions keeping constant the simulated altitude.

Due to its technical approach MEDAS is ahead of any traditional equipment. Its energy consumption and its dimensions are much lower than these in altitude chambers.

MEDAS main elements are well known in the automotive industry, globally available and easy maintenance. Everything controlled via standard interface automation or using the MEDAS interactive touch screen to select on-demand values and simulation monitoring as standalone unit as well.


  • One system for positive & negative pressure
  • Highly dynamic, able to change the altitude and temperature in seconds
  • Wide altitude range, up to 5000 m
  • Mass flow up to 1200 kg/h
  • Ultra-high-speed components for the highest accuracy
  • High repeatability, ensuring same pressure and temperature at the engine intake and exhaust
  • MEDAS is easy to move and can be shared among test cells
  • Automatic operation mode for autonomous use
  • User friendly touch panel
  • High reliability
  • High energy efficiency


Easy operation with a touch panel or via remote Access

A touch panel directly integrated into the system ensures handling of MEDAS. This unit gives a quick and easy system overview and reports the current measurement data and parameter settings. MEDAS can be fully controlled with the touch panel. Besides, remote control option via standard interfaces makes integration into test automation systems possible.

MEDAS has an automatic operation mode, being very easy to use and operate, controlling pressure, temperature and mass flow with quick operation from the control touch panel.

Overview of main screen


Overview of measurement screen




Vacuum and overpressure

Mass flow

Up to 1200 kg/h

Vacuum mode

Up to 5000 m above sea level

Overpressure mode

Up to 3000 m below test bed altitude

Altitude stability (steady state conditions)

+/- 1 mbar

Altitude stability (dynamic conditions)

Maximum peaks: <20 mbar
Most of the time: <5 mbar

Temperature range

ISA+5 ºC up to 3000 m
ISA+10 ºC up to 5000 m

Temperature stability
(steady state conditions)

0.2 ºC

Temperature stability (dynamic conditions)

Maximum peaks: <1 ºC
Most of the time: <0.5 ºC


1150(W)×2820(L)×1600(H) mm


1800 kg


45 kW


◾ Turbo Charger and Aftercooler R&D

◾ Engine R&D

◾ Cold Start Testing

◾ Fuel Economy Testing

◾ Aircraft Engine R&D

◾ Induction System R&D

◾ Power Testing

◾ Emissions Testing


OBS-ONE Series LDV Type

Total System for Regulation Compliance and Engine/Vehicle R&D

Setting a New Standard in Emission Testing MEXA-ONE

"HORIBA ONE PLATFORM" integrates the test devices in an emission cell into a single user interface,...


For the measurement of diluted emissions from vehicles and engines.