Covering the market segments from mini and compact cars to medium sized SUVs as well as large vehicles, this brake testing machine forms the future backbone of HORIBA’s actual portfolio of inertia brake dynamometers. All components are specifically tailored to the needs of the passenger cars mass market segment. The GIANT Evo features a modular, robust and endurable plug & play design enabling flexible transportation, fast installation and an effortless relocation. Customers can freely choose their desired GIANT Evo model out of four high-class alternatives, each driven by a powerful core module. All types are easy to use and equipped with state-of-the-art hardware and compatible software.

GIANT Evo Performance

The GIANT Evo Performance is the most compact inertia dynamometer within the GIANT family. It is optimized for basic investigations and performance tests of brake systems such as friction-mapping, function & wear tests as well as DTV & residual drag torque tests.

GIANT Evo Universal

The GIANT Evo Universal is a very flexible inertia brake dynamometer optimized for both performance tests and for fundamental NVH investigations of brake systems. Due to the wide range of optional features to expand its testing capability the GIANT Evo Universal is able to cover the most testing procedures


The GIANT Evo NVH is the largest dynamometer within the GIANT Evo family. It is a full-size NVH inertia brake dynamometer for basic and advanced NVH testing. The GIANT Evo NVH offers a whole range of functionalities for realistic and fully automatic NVH investigations. Due to its various optional features it is able to meet special customer requirements also for sophisticated NVH investigation.


The GIANT Evo NVH Pure is the squeal rig dynamometer within the GIANT Evo Family. It is a NVH inertia brake dynamometer for basic and advanced NVH testing. The GIANT Evo NVH Pure is designed to fit to a customer specific test chamber. Likewise testing station and core module can be mounted in separate rooms of a building.