Hydrogen Energy

HORIBA provides unique analysis and measurement technologies and solutions for optimizing the operation of alternative energy sources such as hydrogen (H2) and ammonia (NH3) by combining "global network" x "measurement technology" x "engineering".

In order to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, the use of new energy sources such as hydrogen and ammonia, so-called alternative energies, in place of fossil fuels is being promoted on a global scale. However, the efficient use of alternative energies poses various challenges for related industries.
HORIBA introduces a wide range of analysis and measurement solutions and engineering to meet a wide range of technical challenges faced by our customers toward the realization of a society that "produces," "stores," and "uses" energy wisely. HORIBA is your partner for analysis and measurement to realize a new energy society.

Fuel Cell

Evaluation of fuel cell materials, production processes, and cell and stack performance


Various performance evaluation technologies and engineering proposals for fuel cells for FCVs

Fuel Cell for Stationary Use

Various performance evaluation technologies and engineering proposals for fuel cells for stationary use

Engine/Generator Turbine

Measurement and evaluation of hydrogen and ammonia engines/gas turbines for power generation (co-firing and dedicated firing)

Hydrogen Station

Contribution to improved safety, quality, and operational efficiency of hydrogen stations

Water Electrolysis

Provision of water electrolysis evaluation equipment for high-pressure storage of hydrogen

Hydrogen Production

Global support for embedded engineering in the hydrogen production process

Carbon Recycling

We contribute to the development and diffusion of carbon recycling technology with our "measuring" technology.

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Trends, needs, strategies, and technological expectations of each country toward the realization of a carbon-neutral society >

Introduction of the latest trends through HORIBA's unique activities and perspectives


HORIBA participates in the optimization of overall energy management and the realization of a safe and secure mobility society through bold global investments and extensive connections with academia and industry

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