Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker Appointed Chairman of the Board of ASAM e.V.

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Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker, Director Academic Affairs at HORIBA Europe GmbH, is the new chairman of the Board of ASAM e.V. Further development of the Open Scenario Interface Standards (OpenX) in the area of autonomous driving.

With immediate effect, Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker, Director Academic Affairs at HORIBA Europe, is the new chairman of the Board of the Association for Standardization of Automation and Measuring Systems (ASAM e.V.). After ten years of membership on the Board of Directors, Rieker has been elected as new chairman of the Board. This is the first time the office has been held by a representative of a supplier. As leading supplier and innovation driver for complete test solutions, HORIBA has been contributing its expertise to the association since 2009 and will continue to develop pioneering standards under the chairmanship of Rieker.

“I am very proud to have accompanied ASAM during the past ten years as member of the Board. The organization has since made a tremendous progress attracting new members and new standardization domains. As chairman, I am eager to continue this progress and ensure a sustainable development of ASAM as an international organization,” Rieker comments on his new position.

Autonomous driving to be the focus of OpenX

Since 1998, ASAM has defined important standards in various areas such as measurement & control, diagnostics, data management and analysis or simulation. The association is currently working intensively on the further development of the OpenX standards, which are indispensable for the development and testing of driver assistance systems up to autonomous vehicles. In this context, André Engelbert, Global Application Manager CAV at HORIBA Europe, underlines the importance of the ASAM membership for HORIBA: "The Open Standards, for example in the area of autonomous driving, which are being driven forward by the ASAM Group and its members from the automotive and supplier industries, are an important factor for HORIBA. As a member of ASAM, HORIBA can make important decisions for its customers early on and optimally prepare future products. At the present time, intensive cooperation with the automotive and supplier industry is important. Thus, in recent years, the way the industry works has become a collaborative work, which HORIBA joins. "

This year's 4th ASAM International Conference will also be held under the motto "Autonomous Driving – Standardized Virtual Development as a Key to Future Mobility". At the conference on December 10th and 11th in Dresden, the impact of virtualization on ASAM standards will be discussed.

Prof. Dr. Marcus Rieker, Director Academic Affairs at HORIBA Europe GmbH, is the new chairman of the Board of ASAM e.V.