Thermal Power Generation

Safe Operation and Stable Supply of Electricity

Society requires a new approach to thermal power generation. To meet electricity demand, safe operation of conventional power plants, stable supply of electric power, and improvement and management of power generation efficiency are required. In addition to high efficient flue gas desulfurization and denitrification system, reduction of environmental impacts through the development and verification of next-generation power generation technologies is also necessary.

HORIBA&'s Solution & Contribution

HORIBA contributes to solving issues in thermal power generation by providing a wide lineup of analyzers. These include analyzers that contributes to improving power generation efficiency as well as to the operation and management of flue gas treatment systems that serve an important role in reducing environmental impacts. We also provides other measurement instruments used for development, optimization, and verification of the process.

Example of General Thermal Power Plant

Example of General Thermal Power Plant

Example of High Efficient Thermal Power Plant

Example of High Efficient Thermal Power Plant

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Stable measurement even in harsh measurement environments (moisture, temperature, corrosion)

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