Process Analyzers

Engineered to order, specially adjusted to each customer’s sample gas conditions and equipped with customized preconditioning system, HORIBA’s process gas analyzers provide customers with added value measurement solutions.

HORIBA started its contribution to the process market in the late 1970`s, when the first explosion proof analyzer was developed. The excellence of our process gas analyzers is in-house developed cutting-edge core technologies, in-house production of all core detector elements and customized sampling system engineered for each customer process conditions. It contributes to the process optimization, cost reduction, environmental preservation and final product quality improvement by reliable and highly accurate measurement, robustness and low running cost.

Our process analyzers are working for the wide range of industries starting from heavy and light industries: steel manufacturing, power generation, food and beverage, paper manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, fabric, cement, glass, sulfuric acid, incinerators and thermal oxidizers, industrial gas production to complex processes in the petrochemical industry like ethylene production, refinery, vapor recovery etc. We are offering stand along process analyzers, as well as total system engineering, design and integration services. Your process and installation conditions can be evaluated and suitable solution to be offered that improve process and compliant with local environment regulations by our engineering team.

HORIBA offers customer-oriented analytical solutions, and worldwide support by our group experienced service engineers. As your true partner in analysis and process optimization, we are pleased to serve your wherever you are. Please contact us for further information.

 Explosion Proof Gas Analyzers
 High-sensitive Gas Analyzers

Explosion Proof Gas Analyzers

51 series
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Explosion-proof Gas Analyzer

High-sensitive Gas Analyzers

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Trace Gas Monitor

VA-5000 / VA-5000WM Series
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Multi-Component Gas Analyzer

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Process Laser Gas Analyzer


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Process Analyzer System