Radiation Thermometer

Radiation Thermometer

HORIBA’s cutting-edge radiation thermometers for non-contact high-precision temperature control and detection of abnormal temperature

HORIBA entered the infrared thermometer field 30 years ago by applying its core infrared sensor technologies. Through many challenges we have taken on to make our infrared thermometers easier to use and more accurate, including the equipping of LED markers that clarifies measurement point, the integration of measurement and display parts, the provision of digital outputs, enabling narrow-field measurements and other convenient functions. Over the years we strived to supply thermometers which provides constantly accurate temperatures.

We have incorporated unique, home-grown technologies into non-contact infrared handheld type and built-in type thermometers. It have been developed for a wide range of applications offering industry leading accuracy supported by years of know-how in infrared sensor development and a track record of success across many industries.

Our thermometers are used for quality control, abnormality detection, and research and development in a variety of industries where accurate temperature measurements are a requirement, from automobile and tire production, food production, storage and supply, steel, construction, and civil engineering.

HORIBA offers customer-oriented analytical solutions, and worldwide support by HORIBA Group experienced service engineers. We are your true partner in analysis and process optimization and are pleased to serve your wherever you are. Please contact us for further information.

  Built-in/Stationary Type
  Handheld Type
  Thermometer Application Examples

Built-in/Stationary Type

IT-480 series
more IT-480 series

High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Stationary type]

more IT-270

High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer [Built-in type]

more IT-470F-H

High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometer [Built-in type]

Handheld Type

IT-545 Series
more IT-545 Series

High-Accuracy Infrared Thermometers [Handheld type]

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