HORIBA addresses the diverse challenges of customers by providing highly accurate and comprehensive analytical technologies, leveraging its in-house developed core technologies and sampling systems. Through a wide range of applications that utilize advanced analytical technologies and services, HORIBA actively contributes to research and development as well as productivity improvement in various industrial sectors. This includes endeavors towards achieving a carbon-neutral(CN) society through next-generation energy development and environmental conservation, as well as enhancing energy production efficiency through manufacturing process optimization, among other areas.

Real-Time Gas Measurement of PEFC / SOFC

Monitoring of Impurity in Hydrogen Gas for FCV

On-Site Hydrogen Station


Real-time Measurement of Generated Gas from Safety Testing of Rechargeable Batteries

Nitrous Oxide Monitoring for Greenhouse Gas Reduction


Management of CFCs Recovery/Recycling


Monitoring of Airborne Molecular Contamination in Clean Room of Electronics Industry

Monitoring of H2S Airborne Molecular Contamination in Semiconductor Fabrication

Monitoring of NH3 Airborne Molecular Contamination in Semiconductor Fabrication


Monitoring of CH4 Impurity in Ultra High Purity Oxygen for Semiconductor Industry


Monitoring of SO2 for Flue Gas Desulfurization

Leak Detection from the Cooling Pipe of Blast Furnace

Chemical Speciation of Particulate Matter from Steel and Refining Plants

Improving the Safety of Transport by Crane Using Thermometer

Quality Control in Medical Oxygen Gas Production and Verification


Continuous Monitoring of Sulfide Off-Flavors in Beverage Production

Total Siloxane Analyzer for Electrical Parts’ Contact Failure

Total Siloxane Analyzer for Biogas Power Generation

Floor Maintenance to Maintain the Beauty of the Space

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