Oil concentration meter

Automatic measurement with a single switch.

One-touch operation with a single button press allows for ease of use by anybody. Can be used for a wide range of applications such as wastewater monitoring and component quality control.


Division: Process Water
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Advanced Techno Co., Ltd.

Quick and easy measurement in approximately 3 minutes*1

Measurements can be made easily and quickly by simply pressing the start button. Compared to the n-hexane method, measurement times can be significantly reduced.
*Excluding time for activities such as warming, calibration, rinsing

Capable of measuring low-boiling point oil components

The n-hexane method requires the evaporation of the oil extraction solvent, which leads to volatilization of low boiling point oils (such as gasoline). The OCMA-500 series eliminates the need for an evaporation process, allowing for the prevention of volatilization in low-boiling point oil components.

Oil content can be displayed as a concentration (value)

Unlike the n-hexane method, which calculates concentration by measuring the weight of oil content, OCMA-555-H can directly display oil concentration.
*Please contact us for inquiries regarding the types of oil that can be detected.

Environmental-friendly, safe, and cost-effective oil extraction solvents are in use

Unlike the previous solvent H-997, the H-519 solvent used in our system is not regulated under the Montreal Protocol (Ozone Layer Protection Act) and the PRTR system (Act on the Evaluation of Chemical Substances and Regulation of Their Manufacture, etc.(CSCL)). Additionally, the improved regeneration efficiency leads to reduced running costs.

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