X-ray Analytical Microscope Super Large Chamber Model

Microscopic analysis on large samples without compromising safety

  • Large chamber capacity (W x D x H) : 1030 mm x 950 mm x 500 mm
  • X-ray shield complying with JAIMAS0101-2001/ IEC1010-1 to protect you from X-ray exposure
  • Mapping area size up to 350 x 350 mm2
  • <15 µm spot size with ultra-high intensity without compromising sensitivity and spatial resolution
  • Dual types of detectors for transmission and fluorescent X-rays
  • Detectable element range down to C with a light element detector and He purge module
Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA, Ltd.

How the XGT-9000SL provides the ultimate performance in speed and flexibility

Excitation system

XGT-9000SL allows X-ray fluorescence analysis at the microscopic level even on a large sample by using microprobes such as <15 µm and <100 µm ultra-high intensity probes. The X-ray generator can offer high output of X-ray irradiation up to 50 kV and 1000 µA. Thus, the high performance of the excitation system provides ultimate performance and flexibility for your large sample analysis.

Optical images

Capturing clear images is critical for micro-XRF. XGT-9000SL provides two types of cameras to grasp the image of the whole sample and its details down to the microscopic level. Multiple illumination modes help to observe brilliant images, even for reflective and transparent samples.

Sample chamber

XGT-9000SL’s large chamber capacity (1030 mm x 950 mm x 500 mm) can accommodate a wide variety of samples from micro-size fragments to samples as large as electronic circuit boards and paintings. XGT-9000SL is equipped with X-ray shields complying with JAIMAS0101-2001/IEC1010-1, which protect you from X-ray exposure. XGT-9000SL can allow sample analysis without destructive sample preparation or compromising your safety.


XGT-9000SL provides both a transmission X-ray detector and a fluorescent X-ray detector. The transmission X-ray detector enables users to detect internal defects and foreign matter of a sample. The fluorescent X-ray detector can detect from Americium down to carbon, with a light elements detector and He-purge module.

Software suite

XGT-9000SL software, of course, covers all basic measurements such as single spot analysis, multiple spot analysis, line analysis, and map imaging. Apart from the standard software functions, advanced modules can be added to the software suite to provide more comprehensive user experiences. These include:

  • Multilayer FPM module for thickness measurement with/without standards
  • RoHS module for RoHS screening
  • Queue module for automated multiple measurements in unattended mode
  • Particle Finding module for particle composition/classification analysis and co-localized analysis
  • LabSpec Link module for data transfer to LabSpec 6 for multivariate analysis

Application  Examples

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Basic information

InstrumentX-ray fluorescence analytical microscope
Sample typeSolids, Liquids, Particles
Detectable elementsC* – Am with optional light elements detector
F* – Am with standard detector
*He purge condition is necessary to detect down to carbon and fluorine for both detectors
Available chamber size1030(W) x 950(D) x 500(H)
Maximum sample size500(W) x 500(D) x 500(H)
Maximum mass of sample10 kg
Optical observationTwo high resolution cameras with objective lens
Optical designVertical-Coaxial X-ray and Optical observation
Sample illumination/observationTop, Bottom, Side illuminations/Bright and Dark fields

X-ray tube

Power50 W
VoltageUp to 50 kV
CurrentUp to 1 mA
Target materialRh

X-ray optics

Number of probesUp to 4
Primary X-ray filters for spectrum optimization5 positions


X-ray Fluorescence detectorSilicon Drift Detector (SDD)
Transmission detectorNaI(Tl)

Mapping analysis

Mapping area350 mm x 350 mm
Step size4 mm

Operating mode

Sample environmentPartial vacuum / Ambient condition / He purged condition (optional)*
*He purge condition is necessary to detect down to carbon and fluorine for both detectors.

Dimensions (unit: mm)

我们使用HORIBA 微区X射线荧光分析仪对柔性印刷电路上的铜触点上双层NiP/Au镀层进行了镀层厚度和成分分析。没有任何样品制备的情况下成功地检测到了超薄层中的金。金镀层和NiP镀层的厚度结果与预期值一致,且具有良好的重复性。
Non-destructive large area elemental map imaging on the painting “Flower Vase with Thistles” using the XGT-9000SL
Non-destructive large area elemental map imaging on the painting “Flower Vase with Thistles” using the XGT-9000SL
Pigments are important clues to the historical background of artworks. This application note introduces elemental map imaging performed on Vincent van Gogh’s oil painting “Flower Vase with Thistles” using the XGT-9000SL. The results reveal that elemental compositions of the pigments used on the painting were different from ones previously reported to have been used by van Gogh. It suggests that this painting was a replica of the artwork.
The XGT-9000SL’s large chamber capacity and microprobes allow elemental distribution imaging up to 350 x 350 mm2 with high spatial resolution at the microscopic level.
Surface analysis on a brake rotor of automotive tire
Surface analysis on a brake rotor of automotive tire
The XGT-9000SL’s large chamber capacity allows you to put whole a brake rotor and carry out spectrum analysis and elemental distribution imaging on the rotor surface, non-destructively.
Non-destructive failure analysis on a large printed circuit board
Non-destructive failure analysis on a large printed circuit board
Our XGT-9000SL allows failure analysis at a microscopic level on a large sample, non-destructively, thanks to its large chamber capacity and its microprobes.

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