LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite Software

Enjoy a wonderful User eXperience with the unique features of Labspec 6 imaging and spectroscopy software!

HORIBA Scientific’s LabSpec 6 Spectroscopy Suite provides an intuitive, powerful software platform for imaging and spectroscopy by Raman, photoluminescence (PL), cathodoluminescence (CL) and AFM-Raman. It offers complete and versatile functionality for acquisition, processing, analysis, and display of data, in addition to flexible automation solutions.

LabSpec 6 operates all components and accessories of HORIBA Scientific Raman systems, whatever the application: research, analytical, quality or process control. The power, versatility and flexibility of our hardware is matched by LabSpec 6’s ease of use and high-level functionality.

LabSpec 6 allows comprehensive system control, and advanced data acquisition/analysis routines, including fast mapping, kinetic studies, high throughput screening, programmed high temperature and high-pressure analysis.

HORIBA Scientific’s LabSpec 6 Software is Enhanced for Regulatory Compliance by ensuring security and data integrity controls that enable compliant use of HORIBA Raman microscopes within regulated laboratory environments.

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Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS

The LabSpec 6 Software Suite guides you through ready to use, simple and automated Workflows provinding user-friendly assistance and optimization of your measurements, data processing and analysis. The fully integrated software apps, available in the LabStore, will boost your experiments even further and save your time and efforts, thus, allowing generation of stunning results!

This approach reflects the typical usage of these systems and is based on many years of expertise and research by HORIBA!


LabSpec 6 software offers an intuitive interface which enables a logical workflow through an experiment, from visualization of the sample and measurement setup, to interpretation of the data, and final reporting of the results.

EasyImage enables quick and easy acquisition of meaningful chemical images of your samples without needing a high level of Raman expertise


MultiPoints provides automated Raman spectra acquisition. Create your own recipe by selecting multiple random positions on the sample


MultiWell offers an easy interface for high throughput screening using traditional well plates, microtiter plates and other regularly arrayed sampling devices


ParticleFinder offers a user-friendly tool for automated location, characterization and Raman analysis of particles. It is fully compatible with the latest market regulations

EasyNav Technology

With the groundbreaking EasyNav™ package, it is fast and easy to navigate in-focus, in real-time, to identify the region of interest and obtain sharp, clear Raman chemical images. HORIBA NavMap™ + NavSharp™ + ViewSharp™ apps can be used together or separately to deliver a powerful user experience for all Raman users.

SmartID automatically recognizes the microscope objective in use


NavMap helps to navigate around your large samples


NavSharp provides real time focusing while navigating around samples


ViewSharp constructs 3D sample topography and fully focused images


Mosaic enables fast imaging of large sample areas by video stitching


Spectral Acquisition

LabSpec 6 can acquire multi-dimensional datasets, full spectral range or custom ranges, including 1D profiles (such as line X, Y, depth Z, time, kinetic, temperature studies), 2D images (such as XY surface maps) and 3D cubes (i.e., confocal XYZ maps).

Point-by-point mapping provides ultimate sensitivity for imaging, ideal for low scattering materials


SWIFT mapping provides ultra-fast images with acquisition times below 500ms/point. Ideal for high scattering materials


SmartSampling allows super large and super high resolution image acquisition up to 100 times faster, even for low scattering materials


Data Processing

Processing is a crucial step in spectroscopy. The preprocessing of raw spectral data helps to eliminate noise (and undesired signals,) along with the enhancement of discriminating spectral features. LabSpec 6 software includes a large palette of processing tools that can be applied in real time during acquisition or post-acquisition for enhanced qualitative and quantitative analysis!

FLAT enables Real-time on-the-fly fluorescence backgrounds removal from spectra


Data enhancement provides custom baseline, smoothing, normalization, thresholding and more


Math allows mathematical operations to be applied for spectral and image data manipulation



Enhance the wealth of information by performing a complete Analysis of your spectral data!
LabSpec 6 guides you to Convert map data into chemical images!

χSTaiN is an innovative and intelligent application for fully automated processing and analysis of 2D Raman images

MVAPlus combines unsupervised multivariate algorithms (PCA, MCR, HCA and K-means, CLS) for a quantitative and qualitative image generation


KnowItAll offers an integrated environment for complete and automated spectral identification, mixture analysis and data mining


PeakFitting analysis tool provides quantitative investigations of materials strain, interactions with the environment and crystallinity


App Packages

Save time and money by using a dedicated LabSpec Software application! An application package will combine all the processing and analysis tools that you need for a given application, thus automatically, in one click, you will get the answer to your question!

Si Stress is a dedicated application for analysis of Silicon and photovoltaic cell samples


DLC is a dedicated application for analysis of Diamond Like Carbon samples


Image Display

LabSpec 6 contains a wide variety of tools for working with hyperspectral Raman images and optical images. These include many advanced image processing tools and display functions for a perfect report!

DataOverlay combines all your multimodal sample images for hybrid sample analysis and viewing


3D Volume integrated topographic surface and 3D confocal volume display with rotation and lighting controls


Image Enhancement offers a large palette of image processing tools for the enhancement of Raman and optical images



Be ready to easily create optimized and customized measurement and analysis reports!

CustomReport customizes multi-data and multipage templates for fast reporting of results


Animation provides GIF animations of Raman and optical images for your presentation


Automation & Customization

Automate your own daily routines with LabSpec 6!

BatchProcess enables efficient fast batch data processing of multiple data files


OneClick allows fast, automated and easy Raman spectra acquisition


Custom GUI customizes your LabSpec 6 display to show just the tools you need in a multi-level user interface


Methods records routines allowing multiple measurements, processing and analysis steps to be fully and easily automated


Script & ActiveX allows in-app or external programming for instrument control and data processing



LabSpec 6 software is a flexible platform offering compatibility with multiple modalities.

AFM combines Raman and AFM systems, for push-button TERS and colocalized experiments


Epifluo provides compatibility with high performance, cooled fluorescence imaging cameras


PhotoCurrent allows the acquisition and display of photocurrent or photovoltage images


CL efficiently drives your SEM to achieve optimal colocalized cathodoluminescence analysis


Compliance, Validation & Security

LabSpec 6 is a validated software designed to maximize ease of use, functionality and stability. It provides and ensure security and data integrity controls that enable compliant use of HORIBA Raman microscopes within regulated laboratory environments.

LabSpec 6 is a validated software, offering tested and documented functionality and performance


OneCheck ensure that your instrument is always perfectly aligned and calibrated


UserAccounts provides user access control and interface adaptation within multi-user environments


ProtectionPlus allows working in compliance with 21CFR Part 11 of the FDA’s Code, with regard to electronic records and electronic signatures


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LabSpec 6 is a validated software

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