Wafer Back Side Cooling System

The GR-511F can control gases used to cool the back side of wafers that are fixed in position by an electrostatic chuck system.

The stability and accuracy of the GR-511F makes it ideal for controlling the flow of Helium and Argon in wafer cooling systems.

Segment: Semiconductor
Division: Fluid Control
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA STEC, Co., Ltd.
  • Pressure control with more stability and accuracy
  • Mass flow sensor (Option)
  • Compatible for various fitting
  • RoHS compliance


Application example

In the below example, the GR-511F is controling the gases used to cool the back side of wafers that are fixed in position by an electrostatic chuck system.


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Valve TypeC: Normally close
Leak integrity≤ 7 × 10-11 Pa·m3 /s (He)
Maximum operating pressure300 kPa (A)
Pressure resistance350 kPa (A)
Operating temperature5-50 °C (Accuracy guaranteed temp : 15-40 °C)
Power supply+15 VDC±5 %, 250 mA -15 VDC±5 %, 250 mA
Power consumption7.5 VA
Gas *1He, Ar, N2
Standard fittings1/4 inch VCR or equivalent
Pressure full scale1.333 kPa (A) (10 Torr), 2.666 kPa (A) (20 Torr),
6.666 kPa (A) (50 Torr)
Pressure control range1-100 %F.S.
Pressure accuracy *2±0.5 %R.S.
Zero temperature coefficient±0.04 %F.S./°C
Span temperature coefficient±0.04 %R.S./°C
Response *3≤ 1 sec
Pressure setting signal0.1-10 VDC (1-100 %F.S.) Input impedance ≥ 1 MΩ
Option:0.05-5 VDC (1-100 %F.S.) Input impedance≥ 1 MΩ
Pressure output signal0-10 VDC (0-100 %F.S.) Minimum resistance 2 kΩ
Option:0-5 VDC (0-100 %F.S.) Minimum resistance 2 kΩ
Flow full scale *120, 50, 100 SCCM
Flow accuracy *4 *5±1 %R.S. (Flow rate > 25 %F.S.)
±0.25 %F.S. (Flow rate ≤ 25 %F.S.)
Flow rate output signal0-5 VDC (0-100 %F.S.) Minimum resistance 2 kΩ
Wetted materialSUS316L
Mounting orientation *6Free
Weight *71.5 kg

*1 Please consult about other specifications.
*2 Guaranteed only for STEC calibration condition.
*3 Guaranteed only for calibration gas (N2) and calibration condition. Depends on gas or usage condition, response time may be changed.
*4 Flow accuracy complies with SEMI E56-0309. Guaranteed for calibration gas (N2), full scale and pressure condition.
*5 A flow rate exceeding 100% F.S. cannot be guaranteed for accuracy.
*6 Please make a zero point adjustment for both pressure and flow rate in an actual-use environment to eliminate mounting operation effect.
*7 Reference value with standard fitting. ·In notation of pressure unit, (A) shows absolute pressure. ·SCCM is symbol representing the gas flow rate (ml/min, at 0°C 101.3 kPa) . ·F.S. is a percentage of the full scale and %R.S. is a percentage of the reading scale.

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