Flat Panel Display

Two main techniques dominate the large flat panel display industry : LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and PDP (Plasma Display Panel).

OLED technology, based on the deposition of organic layers, is currently used for small display panels. One of the most exciting area is the emergence of flexible displays where the substrate used is plastic.

Examples of material structures that can be characterised by SE include:

  • TFT, LTPS, liquid crystals
  • OLED
  • Plasma display panel
  • Flexible display

 Spectroscopic ellipsometers provide advantages for analysing such complex devices including

  • Non-destructive analysis
  • Thin multilayers of complex organic materials that can be deposited on flexible substrates
  • The ability to characterise complex films including anisotropy and index gradient
  • Microspot optics for characterising patterned / pixellated samples
  • Fast automated sample mapping