Powerful DeltaPsi2 Software Platform drives HORIBA Scientific Ellipsometers

DeltaPsi2 is an integrated software platform for thin film analysis, and drives the whole range of HORIBA Scientific spectroscopic ellipsometers and reflectometers.
DeltaPsi2 is a complete turnkey software package providing advanced measurements, modeling and reporting capabilities. It incorporates numerous functionalities for accurate and flexible characterization of thin film structures and material optical constants.

Last Release March 2016

  • Materials library update (dielectrics and metals dispersions and references)
  • Kinetic recipes released for easy live data display
  • Auto-Soft now available for UVISEL 2 ellipsometer
  • Multiwavelength system enhanced for ultra-fast mapping

DeltaPsi2 Compatibility

DeltaPsi2 is able to import ellipsometric data films (via ASCII files) to support modeling and reporting operations of any ellipsometers.

Enhance your existing modeling capabilities or Need an analysis software for thin films?
DeltaPsi2 software is the Good Choice to maximize your application success !

More information: tfd-sales-sci.fr@horiba.com

Flexible Measurements Capabilities

DeltaPsi2 software provides flexible measurement capabilities, including:

  • Reflection/Transmission Ellipsometry
  • Mueller matrix
  • Depolarization
  • Reflectometry
  • Transmission and reflection data
  • Kinetic data
  • Scatterometry
  • Variable angle

The Full Performance of Ellipsometric Analysis

DeltaPsi2 software includes a large variety of advanced modeling functions to provide the versatility and performance required for a wide range of applications.

  • Complete materials library based on dispersion relations and bibliographic reference database.
  • Roughness or interface (EMA)
  • Alloy composition
  • SiGe crystallinity
  • Periodic structure
  • Graded optical constants
  • Anisotropic structure
  • Correlated layers
  • Periodic structures (1D, 2D gratings)
  • Bandgap calculation
  • Automatic backside correction
  • Ultra-thin film analysis (BLMC)
  • New Script to generate new post-calculation parameters

To take advantage of the advanced modeling functions, numerous modeling features have been designed to provide the most accurate modeling process testing the whole range of solutions to find the best model.

  • Advanced mathematical fitting algorithms
  • Multiguess, multistart
  • (n,k) fitting
  • Multi combined measurements/analysis data
  • Spectral resolution
  • Thin film non uniformity
  • And more…

Process your Results with Unsurpassed Flexibility and Functionality

 DeltaPsi2 software provides advanced features to process ellipsometric data simply and reliably.

  • Customizable user interface
  • Data manipulation
  • Advanced features for graphic manipulation screen
  • Standard Windows® clipboard transfer
  • Import/export package function
  • Automatic reporting
  • Output description for automatic calculation of specific values after modeling
  • Online help function

User Friendly Operations

Three user modes for research, fab and quality control are designed to provide user friendly operations.

  • The research mode mainly uses drag and drop function from the left side of the treeview to the right side of the modelling area.
  • The fab mode provides a fully automatic operating environment based on automatic, push button recipes that fully automate the analysis sequence: acquisition + modelling + mapping + results.
  • The quality control mode, which is the new Auto Soft software package, is designed to provide easy operations of ellipsometric analysis.

Simple Automatic Recipes

A recipe fully automates data acquisition+modeling+mapping+results, which facilitates routine thin film analysis.

The design of the software allows the user to define several acquisition routines and models in a single recipe as well as several groups of points in a single grid.

  • Recipe procedure.
  • Fitting procedure.
  • Acceptance criteria for integrated quality control.
  • Conveniently access to recipe steps and original files for processing / reprocessing.
  • Statistical analysis
  • Standardized visualization of mapping results on semiconductor wafer and glass panels
  • Autofocus and pattern recognition functions.
  • Advanced communication protocols (RS232, TCP/IP)
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