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OEM Portable Raman spectroscopy project? Have you tried an off-the-shelf hand-held Raman spectrometer for proof of concept?

… Now you need reduced cost / increased performance / full confidentiality / customizations on an industrial grade portable Raman spectrometer?

For years, HORIBA Scientific’s OEM division has been the preferred, reliable and consistent  supplier of OEM spectroscopy components. Our know-how in Raman (We are Number #1!) has made it into our miniature spectrometers and systems for portable Raman applications (Process control, Security, Pharmaceutical, Medical, Semiconductor…)

Raman systems for Process Control - Security - Pharmaceutical - Medical

We only quote for OEM volume requirements (starting in qty 50-100/year).

Select from the following mini Raman systems and components:

Challenge us! Tell us what your target cost is in high volume for your Raman sub-system. We will engineer a Raman engine to meet volume requirements and could amaze you with our OEM systems affordability. Just like for our other OEM spectrometer customers, we optically re-trace a miniature spectrometer to obtain the Raman shift range and resolution you need. We cost reduce lasers, filters and other optics for volume.

One our existing Miniature Raman Spectrometer designs already fits your needs? We strive for unmatched performance.

Raman spectrometer sale: call our OEM Division for a Raman spectrometer price.
Our miniature Dispersive Raman systems can also be rented to qualified OEM accounts.

Compare and see for yourself!

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Research Raman Spectrometers

Analytical Raman Microscopes

Modular Raman Systems

Contact us for miniature OEM spectrometers ranging from 20 mm to 140 mm focal length as well as OEM CCD / PDA detectors or gratings



For Retail spectrometers ranging from 140 mm to 1250 mm focal length and high end CCD / NIR detectors, click here to view our OSD division products for light measurement.